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Deathcross? So for the record, it's OK to use perjorative language that is mostly untrue (very few riders have actually died racing Supercross) but it's not OK so sling insults and one sentence retorts. TXDirt has apparently been appointed to the Internet ... more »

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I'm imagining the podium speech. "I'd like to thank my KYshowaP suspension for making my bike handle amazingly out there tonight..." HaHa!

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I guess they haven't found their niche??

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I can't be the only one that noticed that the "check engine" light looks like an ICE engine!

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I'll probably get flamed for this comment, but after years of sub-standard results regardless of massive resources and some pretty decent riding talent. It's fairly obvious to me where the problem is. Lack of good management. Jeremy Albrecht, although ... more »

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Typical H-D. Can't actually compete against other brands in any racing arena so they simply attempt to buy their way into whatever the wheezing old farts in management think that the kids are into. For F-sakes, Indian motorcycles destroyed them in Flat ... more »

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To answer the OP's original question. The outer tubes of works and production forks probably both start out as extrusions. On works stuff the ID is probably precision honed and of course the OD is machined. Making a part like that from billet, although ... more »

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He's wandering around the pits with an 8mm T-handle trying to sneak a seat off a factory bike to grab an ECU.

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42Nm it should be written on the spring.

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There is no mini track at Glen Helen. For DITD they dragged a vague path through a section of the parking lot with a skip loader. I didn't go but a buddy of mine did and he was pretty disappointed.

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Sprocket bolts were over torqued. Excess force had to go somewhere.

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He wanted the # 2 on his Kawi but MC wouldn't give it up!?

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Yeah and the rig is just a giant Ingersoll Rand industrial generator burning gallons of gasoline to recharge the batteries. Anybody else see the problem here?

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Yup. That's what happened. Unfortunately a lot of valuable people now have their livelihood in jeopardy because of greed. I thought they might limp through the Holiday season before they pulled the plug but I guess even that wasn't possible. The slowdown ... more »

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I've spent a little time in Upper Austria and Bavaria and just about every touring bicycle you see is a KTM, they actually have a factory in the same town as the motorcyle guys. The touring bikes seem to be very popular over there you'll see a whole ... more »

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If a suspension company can't install the stickers correctly you probably don't want them working on your fork and shock internals.......Just saying.

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I couldn't tell from the pics. Does it have a factory ECU?

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On the plus side, they should be able to pass the Sound Test, no problem!