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Very cool video - thanks guys. An amazing amount of work that goes into what some of us just take for granted. I run FC on my restored '03 RM250 and couldn't be happier.

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Very nice👍

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Yeah, it won't fire up after 2 seconds of float bowl filling! HA!

Good job on the Social Scoop.

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The boys are looking more and more comfortable with each new video, I’m liking this.

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Very cool.

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Excellent article Cooksey. I’ve brought up many of these same points over the past couple years n comment sections and with friends, you make a few more great points I hadn’t realized ($125 for a basic ticket?!).
No question Youthstream is greedy (IMO) and needs a wake up call. I also believe that guessepi luongo intentionality moved this date so far past the U.S. season end you give yet another advantage to the Euro riders. Some may say I’m a conspiracy theorist on this but look at the results Sind this happened. ...and Youthstream only stands to benefit if the world thinks that the GP riders are the best in the world. A smoke in mirrors show if you ask me.

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The first photo of Webb and the boys coming over first turn hill is awesome. Looks like 3D! Nice Work..

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Someone mentioned coming to a stop and then re-entering, but I think that could add more complexity to an already subjective rule.
Really, a better plan is to have specific, designated "re-entry points" on both sides of the track in strategic locations; those would be the only place a rider could re-enter legally. The re-entry points could be designed in such a way as to automatically put the rider at a small disadvantage (on the outside of the upcoming corner, for instance). If he loses time, tough. That's the penalty for going off-course.

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Race Tech titanium. Thank you. I always liked the look of the HRC graphics in the early 90s. I just couldn't bring myself to throw blue backgrounds on.

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