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Reply to Reason SX was moved from Chase Field to University of Phoenix Stadium 5/4/2015 1:32 PM

They don't take the grass out, they put plywood over it.

New thread Petition to Keep Dianna Dahlgren as Miss Supercross 5/4/2015 2:27 AM

Dianna, don't leave. There is no replacement.

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Reply to Was I ever wrong with my Vegas attendance prediction 5/3/2015 2:53 PM

You don't think attendance was down?!

Reply to 2016 Monster Energy Supercross Schedule Released 5/2/2015 11:46 PM

Can't due Safeco due to the intricate sprinkler system they have there. Zero chance Safeco ever hosts a round. They'll be back, though.

New thread Vegas Roll Call 4/28/2015 10:29 AM


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New thread MetLife looks pretty dang full 4/25/2015 2:05 PM

I thought "insane" ticket prices would keep everyone away?

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Reply to Gillette stadium SX 2016 4/24/2015 5:48 PM

I originally posted my guess at the schedule here, but when I'm proven wrong I don't want my ego to be deflated. Get it? It's a Pats joke. I'll be here all week.

Reply to You People Shoud Be ASHAMED of Yourselves!!! 4/22/2015 1:57 PM

He should check out MotoTalk, IMO.

Reply to What was found in Davi's locker? (Updated) 4/22/2015 1:51 PM

It does if he's gonna claim TRT.

Reply to You People Shoud Be ASHAMED of Yourselves!!! 4/22/2015 8:54 AM

Whoever came up with the idea to post as "Tyler's Mom" frequents a lot of forums, I'd bet. Tyler signed up when he was 10 and has been riding a RM85 for seven years? Sounds legit.

Reply to Vegas SX Ticket, Free JS7 Hat 4/21/2015 3:00 PM

I'm gonna run a 10k that morning. It'll make the beers later taste better.

Reply to Low attendance at Santa Clara? 4/20/2015 11:57 AM

One thing I know Niner fans complain about is that a ton of fans just hang out in the massive club areas rather than sit in the seats. I was grabbing food and drinks at the United Club a couple times and it was pretty full. Could have something to do ... more »

New thread 2016 Schedule Rumors 4/20/2015 11:53 AM

Matthes says: 1 Anaheim becomes a 2nd San Diego (Awesome!) 1 Atlanta becomes Foxboro Houston becomes Toronto Thoughts?

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Reply to Low attendance at Santa Clara? 4/20/2015 11:51 AM

They aren't just interested in it, Super Bowl 50 is at Levi's next year. Beautiful stadium, great food options........but $11.50 for a decent beer in a small cup? No thanks.

Reply to Santa Clara Area Folks!! 4/15/2015 11:14 AM

WARNING: You are in the heart of 49er territory. My goal for the weekend is to get a pic with my 12 flag in front of their locker room door. Thanks for the tips!

Reply to Santa Clara Area Folks!! 4/15/2015 9:36 AM

Thanks! I think we are heading out to Santa Cruz Saturday morning for a bit. Should be a great trip.

New thread Santa Clara Area Folks!! 4/10/2015 9:21 AM

Any recommendations for where to grab dinner/drinks around the stadium Friday night?

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Reply to Lowered trucks 4/8/2015 11:39 AM

My first car was a lowered 85 S10. Wish I still had it.

New thread Looking for Something to Do Before the Santa Clara Round? 4/6/2015 4:20 PM

Be The Match is a great charity program that helped save the life of Jeremy McGrath's wife Kim a few years ago. They are putting on a 5k in San Jose the morning of SX, where you can not only run, but also donate to the cause and have your cheek swabbed ... more »

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Reply to Houston SX 4/6/2015 1:46 PM

You don't need reservations for Pappasitos, but get there early on a Friday night.