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Check this link for some info (esp from MXA) on improving those bikes,20/kx250,687364

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Lovely bike. KX's always look great. The clamps and discs on the bike aren't from an 06. They're 2005 or earlier.

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3lbs lighter? That's a fair amount!! Knowing they are 3lbs lighter, it would be interesting to know how much the 48's weigh (compared to the 2015 crf250 showa sff tac forks which are 7.415kg according to Nino's cr125 afs thread).

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Ah, ok, thanks. I've only ever seen the 48's listed for sale. Does anybody happen to know how much those 52's weigh? Just found someones comment from saying; "52 forks about $2000 -$4000 second hand but there service intervals are measured ... more »

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Aren't the 52mm forks only available to factory teams?

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Showa have made an android/iphone app that you can download to help you set up the SFF TAC forks. I downloaded it today (just search 'showa sff' ) even though I don't have the forks - I was just being curious. Seems like a decent enough app and has an ... more »

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Maybe they are quoting crank horsepower with those figures.

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Stewart on his kx125 Pastrana on his rm125 JLaw on his yz450f at Daytona SX (2009??)

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I think it was the 2012 Vegas SX, there was 1 flat corner and the TV camera was at eye level and to see the the riders, esp RV, go round that flat corner so fast was insane! Also anything Bubba did on his kx125 amazed me.

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Art Eckman. Used to love watching early 00's racing knowing he was going to be commentating. Never struggled to talk and always seemed to have a decent amount of knowledge. Art and David Bailey were a good combo. DV934 would probably make quite a funny ... more »

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It would be great to know how much bhp his 125 used to make. Mike Brown's 2003 PC kx125 was knocking on the door of 40bhp and Tyla Rattray's 2005 factory KTM 125 made 43bhp. I would have thought that the #259 kx would be in a similar power range.

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They also did some 53mm forks, but aren't common. The site listed them as being a fair bit lighter than the 48mm and 50mm forks. Perhaps the price of them makes them uncommon, although I don't know what the price was.

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There are tyre cutting/siping machines already available. One is the 'Tread Doctor'. Point number 5 has some nice info that may help you, Jay - ... more »

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With the rear axle size being different, are the axle blocks suitable, or will they need some modification? Have you got any pictures of the bike? PC kx's are lovely looking machines!

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Have you emailed a hub company to see if they have the hub dimensions? That may be your best bet. I would imagine the axles are different on the kxf's so may not fit in your 02's fork lugs. What about putting on a complete front end from a kxf -wheel ... more »

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Lovely looking bike!

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I hope Dean's kilt is long enough to hide that.... haha

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The Kawi's would be nicer with a steel frame.

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Great pictures! Love the behind the scenes photos (even more so since visiting the former Caterham F1 team factory). With F1, I always think behind the scenes is more interesting than the actual racing. All those nose cones on the stands - I believe ... more »

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I believe Lamborghini had this done using titanium - carbotanium. However, I'm sure I read that it wasn't all that useful. You'd be better off reinforcing the carbon with CNT's or (when it becomes commercially available) Graphene.