Added reply in a thread Polisport RM re style kit coming?? 6/6/2019 11:50 AM

I think the original rad shrouds with the new side panels looks to be the best combo. There are some lovely looking RM's in this thread!

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15 hours? Wow. I made use of the 6 month Kawasaki warranty back in 2006 because my 06 kx125 had a casting flaw in the cylinder causing a drip of coolant to come out through the cylinder wall. Times have changed.

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The 2005 ktm 250sxs 2st that Marc De Reuver rode was such a sexy looking bike. I just wish there were pictures of it. I also absolutely love the 2004 sx125 of Ryan Hughes. As for the stock bikes, it doesn't get any better than the 04-06 shape - the sharp ... more »

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Last years event was awesome! Especially Green Hell - you know an obstacle is difficult when even the best in the world struggle. Can't imagine how bad it would have been for the 'mere mortals'. Big props to Red Bull for showing the race live.

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The phrase 'you can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter' still wouldn't apply to this thing.

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TV schedule problems only allowing 4 laps - here's the solution to make 2st rule the world once again. *tin foil hats needed* *slight sarcasm alert* As the 2st racing is much more exciting and more skillful, give them more taking away from ... more »

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Jerry Robin would be a good argument here, I reckon.

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Best shape ktm right there, imo. The bike looks awesome.

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It's just as well I stopped riding a few years ago as there is no way I could compete with such riding style....

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That sounds far too kinky for me. You're just not my type. Thanks for the offer, though.

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Seems like someone got some Hangtown mud in his mangina.

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Oh god....posting pictures of the inside of a dirty pair of boots?? You've just given one member a hard on with those pictures!

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When you see how much fun and excitement James had in his eyes and voice during interviews in his 125 days, it is a massive shame to hear him have his current opinion about hating certain aspects. If only there was a repeat button so we could be treated ... more »

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For those people stupid enough to knowingly buy these fakes, I hope that Paypal don't give you your money back. Why on earth would you give good money to fake producing scum?

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It looked like he was nursing his twig and giggleberries.

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It starts with a silly rap...and leads to riding on a beach.

Added reply in a thread Another stellar job by FIM and WADA 4/9/2019 9:53 AM

If most/all riders were sick of the FIM and collectively ignored them, what could the FIM realistically do about it? Same with WADA.

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Is the pricing typically Pro Carbon sky high? Always thought there was better looking stuff out there than what they make.

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MPora killed it when they bought it. It used to be a great website, full of helpful people and lots of good content. Some of the mods were dicks (Shiny), but the site started getting swamped with idiot users posting rubbish around the time mpora bought ... more »

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Part of me thinks it's good to try and level the playing field, but then I think if they paid the lower teams more money (or at least paid most teams more equally) so they could improve, then there would be more drivers/teams fighting for the top spot, ... more »