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Not sure if serious or just a dumb troll..... Seeing as I have a bit of time to waste, I shall be kind and feed the troll a little bit. How about this for a far out idea - to be called FMOTP, why doesn't a USA mx & sx champ go race in Europe? *shock ... more »

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SX used to be good. The 250 class died in 05 and the 450 class died in 06 - just as thumpers took over completely. The tracks are super boring because the 4jokes are too capable. I would take mx over sx and day of the week. Mx is what started me riding ... more »

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A kx disc won't be oversize like the one TP used. The older slotted style ones were 240mm iirc. Depends if it'll get ridden, but maybe an EBC floating oversize disc as it has round holes, then mill the holes into slots? Suppose it depends how far you ... more »

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Nasty looking graphics. It's a pity they didn't try for the factory look from back when rm250s were used. Or even if they ran similar graphics when Travis rode a 125 at mxdn.

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Seeing as the idea started as a 2st team and now only TP will be riding one, he's the only one I'll be rooting for. Not impressed at all with Kdub and Sipes riding 4jokes.

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I've not ridden since 2010, but I used to ride with a neck donut. I still have it. I thought/think they're a good idea as imo, they offer a lot of cushion without being too solid or flimsy.

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The ProCarbon stuff I've seen always looked cheap and not nice.

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No point wasting your energy on this numpty. Instead, pray for the family to get their dog back.

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Why are people still talking about this guy?! You can't fix stupid.

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There already seem to be a lot of Splitfire reps, so my vote would be a Bubba rep.

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Art Eckman rules! I always remember back in the early 00's when I was really into mx, waking up at 3am in the morning to record the mx highlights (that's the time they had it here in the UK). I would be super excited to play the video after school and ... more »

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The chinese rubbish will cost you a lot more in maintenance than the $750 difference between it and the crf. I don't like honda, but that crf would be my choice of the 2 every single time.

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A chinese bike? thanks.

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There are talks of those 2 being team mates next year! Fun times ahead.

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Bike looks awesome. It should be the lightest bike of all...lighter even than a 65cc bike with that new rear tyre ? "Additionally, the rear tire is nearly a half-pound (160 kg) lighter than the tire used on the prior RM-Z250."

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I also believe the fuel petcock was slightly different from 2005 onwards.

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I was at an mx track (in north of England) a couple of months back and Brad and Matteo were there. They were FAST!! There was a couple of fast mx lads there who couldn't keep up. It was very impressive to see Brad and Metteo's speed - I naively didn't ... more »

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I was going to post that 2004 Jan de Groot Kawasaki. I still can't work out how it works. Such a shame he passed away. There were claims a few years back that the under frame shock was going in to production.

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Tell him to knock a zero off the end and he has a deal. Hell, even throw in a pack of cookies to help persuade him.

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So what if it's just a 'race'? What better platform to use - the biggest mx race of the year. Highest profile, most spectators & best chance of getting donations. People seem so butt hurt over these riders, yet might overlook the fact there will ... more »