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Reply to Nothing like a new bike 4/12/2013 6:47 PM

Nice! Would love to have one, but I can only afford the 7D right now.

Reply to Kick a** two strokes! 4/4/2013 2:05 PM

My junker 2 stroke

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Reply to MX isn't the only motorsport having financial problems 2/15/2013 4:19 PM

Here is an article that has some figures on what they were spending before the financial crisis. I think "struggling" is a relative term. I doubt that many of the bigger teams are in danger of folding. There might be a couple of the back markers that ... more »

Reply to A1 Night Show - Bench Racing Discussion 1/5/2013 10:24 PM

Great race! I am still shaking after that one. I doubt anyone saw that one coming. Now I can't wait for next week!

Reply to A1 Night Show - Bench Racing Discussion 1/5/2013 6:54 PM

It's like a bad dream that just won't end! I hope James is able to race tonight.

Reply to If we were electing a "President" of motocross... 10/29/2012 11:17 AM

President - Roger Decoster (He is the single most respected person in the sport in my opinion.) VP - Mitch Payton (The guy knows just about everything there is to know about the sport.) And maybe RC and TP can be consultants. Ricky knows racing as well ... more »

Reply to My RM250 2 stroke build 10/16/2012 10:43 AM

Thanks! It has been a labor of love for sure. Now if I only had more time to ride

Reply to TLD SE3, Thor Force Carbon, & HRP Flak Jak 9/23/2012 8:54 PM

Still got this stuff for sale. If you are interested, make me an offer. Thanks!

New thread TLD SE3, Thor Force Carbon, & HRP Flak Jak 8/18/2012 4:34 PM

I have a TLD SE3 helmet size (S), a Thor Force Carbon helmet size (M) and a HRP Flak Jak LT chest protector size (L) for sale. Everything is new and has never been worn outside the house. I am cleaning out the closet and this stuff needs to go. Please

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Reply to what wrong with the media player on my computer? 7/6/2012 6:54 PM

Try right-clicking on the video, select settings and disable hardware acceleration for Flash. Sometimes that will clear things up. I've run into that problem with certain videos at work.

New thread '04 RM250 Carb Question 6/25/2012 6:37 PM

Does anyone know if the carb off an '02 RM250 is the same as an '04 RM250. I know a lot of the parts are interchangeable, but I am not sure about the carbs. Thanks for any info you may have!

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New thread 1968 Suzuki on eBay 6/15/2012 6:01 PM

I saw this bike on eBay and thought some others might like to check it out. Bikes sure have come a long way, and you can even buy them cheaper than this

1968 Suzuki on eBay

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Reply to 2011 RMZ 450 6/13/2012 2:47 PM

I would be interested in seeing any pictures you may have. Thanks!

Reply to A kit SSF for suzuki 250f/450f 6/13/2012 2:46 PM

Do these forks need special clamps or will they fit the stock triple clamps?

Reply to motoconcepts and a huge announcement coming? 4/26/2012 3:42 PM

No problem. That is one of my favorite movies

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Reply to RM250 replica help 2/23/2012 10:50 AM

Thanks! I got the graphics printed up by Bryar @ He was really easy to work with. The number plate graphics were done by Decal Works. I had the seat made up by N-Style. It is kind of a conglomeration I guess you could say!

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This is what I've been working on for awhile now.