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Reply to MX license plates? 1/21/2010 9:26 AM

MX4LIFE I like that one. I've had it for awhile now.

Reply to New - Asterisk Cell Knee Braces (M) 1/18/2010 7:28 PM

Here's a pic in case anyone wants to see the braces.

Reply to I hope that James knows............. 1/18/2010 3:00 PM

If Stewart and Reed hate each other so much and Stewart went looking for him, I say rent a cage, give them some gloves and let them take it out on each other that way. It doesn't belong on the track. JMO.

Reply to 30+ Year-old Beginners? 1/14/2010 5:14 PM

Same here! I used to be able to at least get out of my own way, but I hit the track for the first time in 13 years about 2 years ago and let's just say I didn't impress anyone. I definitely don't have the time to ride as much as I would like. I actually ... more »

Reply to 30+ Year-old Beginners? 1/14/2010 4:12 PM

What speed does a person have to hit before it is considered riding? I am wondering if I fit into the riding category or not

Reply to Yep, it's true what they say, you guys are... 1/13/2010 2:35 PM

Imagine that, a person with the name misft rooting for J-Law.

Reply to 2010 Suzuki homologation? 1/12/2010 5:31 PM

What if they race the entire series and then don't have the required 400 bikes in the country? Would they have to forfeit their wins?

Reply to I wonder if JLaw still thinks he's more talented than Dungey? 1/10/2010 12:02 PM

The word that keeps coming up in this thread is work, and if we are honest, there are very few riders willing to put in the "work" that it requires to run up front. Go back and watch some old videos of RC or watch what Stewart goes through in his workouts. ... more »

Reply to Nike. "just did it" 1/9/2010 11:04 PM

It's the boots, its gotta be the boots!

Reply to OG K-Dub...congrats 1/9/2010 11:01 PM

Sometimes maturity is a good thing

Reply to Reed Out?? 1/9/2010 10:56 PM

That was good for a laugh

Reply to Beginning of The End 1/9/2010 10:51 PM

They were about 30 seconds ahead of 3rd place. Dungey's fast lap was less than two-tenths slower than Stewarts and I am sure that Stewart was pushing fairly hard when he was trying to catch Dungey. Dungey definitely wasn't in awe of Stewart's speed. ... more »

Reply to Dungey!!! 1/9/2010 10:13 PM

Very impressive ride out of Dungey! He is only going to get better.

Reply to Ace... 1/9/2010 7:26 PM

That was kind of cheesy if I must say so myself.

Reply to Reed down? 1/9/2010 5:51 PM

I wonder if any of his stomach issues are anxiety related? I know that is fairly common with stomach problems. I am sure he will show up and ride well in the main.

Reply to Which pro team would you ride for? 1/8/2010 9:43 PM

Team Rockstar/Makita Suzuki all the way! Imagine getting to work with Roger Decoster everyday.

Reply to Who wants some new bike wallpapers? 1/8/2010 8:51 PM

I love this time of year

Reply to Vital 13 days giveaway. 1/5/2010 6:25 AM

I never win anything anyway, but it was nice having the chance

Congrats to all the winners and thanks again to GuyB and all the sponsors!
Reply to New - Asterisk Cell Knee Braces (M) 1/3/2010 1:30 PM

I sent the pics. Let me know if you don't receive them. Thanks!