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Keep your eyes peeled the next few days.. better yet go to your local Fox dealer, they will most likely have some time this week.

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yeah thats a customer of ours bike, thing is pretty awesome, I had never seen one prior to this. Such a badass bike.

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mostly just cleaned up, the head was changed significantly and the powervalve was altered and cut down. I prefer the roll on of the stock pipe over the PC but it did make it quite a bit snappier. The CDI is the best improvemnt in my opinion.

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All buttoned up and ready to go racing, 139 designs hooked up the graphics , wrapped some Dunlop MX3S on the bike , drill our holes in the right side plate for easier access to the silencer and shock adjustments. With the new PR2 motor, boy this thing

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what're you getting all bent out of shape for? Have you seen the winners of the dream race? its usually old retired pro dudes anyways, the bike they gave away went to same averge vet dude, these races are for fun and people want to race them. let them! ... more »

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my biggest gripe with the 300 is the fact it falls on its face after 1/2 throttle. I tried to fix it by running the Pro Circuit silencer and the yellow Powervalve spring. Some of the bigger offroad guys will put on a kehien 38mm carb on to give it more ... more »

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After having just over 100 hours on my bike from last year, getting the bike ready for this upcoming season I thought I'd do a bit of a build for my website and put it along with my racing blog. I didn't go super overkill like I wanted to, and I don't

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I just saw this and no thread, pretty good timing for Scott to drop their new video series. Nice to see a professional quality video of Justin Hill, the kid has so much flow. I don’t know how to get the screenshot of the video but there’s the youtube ... more »

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If you actually dont care thats its Moose gear, their sahara gear is the best actual vented gear on the market; durable, the fit has gotten much much better in the past few years, decent colors and design. Most motocrossers wont wear it cuz its moose ... more »

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Have one, love it. Red powervalve spring, pro circuit silencer, plently of power and smooth delivery, pulls all the way through the power curve, really feels alot like my 300 but with over rev. Sorry that was so choppy but it really is a great bike, ... more »

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THIS fucking guy, wow.
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save your knees, a half second a lap doesnt make up for knee surgery for a practice champ.

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Theres already like a 3 page thread on this same topic not that long ago

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I didnt read all 5 pages and Im not going to, but I work at a motorcycle dealership and all our employees, all my friends, and every customer I asked loved it; its what we talked about all day today. The racing was more exciting than any race minus Vegas ... more »

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They are making you buy the charger now, they have two options. They also they have two different MX models, the standard model and an R model with a different battery and suspension I believe thats more money, still not the 14k but a few hundred than ... more »

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I'd take just about anyone over Ralph, the amount of times he calls people by the wrong name or says "on the blue Yamaha" "on the red Honda" makes me wanna hurl

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dungey only raced 3 rounds the year roczen won his second title

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1, he hasn't LEFT bakers program so idk why everyone is like "glad hes gone" 2. I love how everyone is like, "it didnt' affect Roczen" "Kennys better without him" happier sure, but Roczen hasn't been better since he left aldon.. he won an outdoor title, ... more »

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or the 125 is quite a bit lighter, less motor inertia, ride it at a higher rpm, so it feels significantly different even though they're very similar.

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Kinda looks like a mix of the TLD And M2R

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