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https://www.facebook.com/groups/247267925478889/permalink/1728923297313337/ Confirmed on the VMXdN page. US team is Zacho, Villopoto and Mike Brown. They may do ok...

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An exceptionall photographer. These from Namur

fr ... more »
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When Herlings turns the tap fully on, his whole body language changes and everything goes into fast forward. At no time over the weekend did that happen. He won moto 1 at a fast cruise and took the points in moto 2 without breaking any sweat at all. ... more »

Reply to Let the bets begin - Top 5 MXGP - Matterley Basin 2/28/2020 11:53 AM

Muddy enough to be Simpson territory. If he is on form, he will podium. Watson ditto Brit weather!

Reply to #1: MXGP of Great Britain - February 29th & March 1st 2/28/2020 11:48 AM

I live close by - predicting the track will be superb, proper MX but not so bad as to be a lottery. The spectator area, on the other hand, will be like a paddy field.

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If the silent e-volution is putting MX at risk, drag racing is doomed.

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Not only fast but a real nice guy too. Always welcome over here.

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Prado just did...

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Built for a friend from California to ride at this year's VetsMXdN at Farleigh Castle
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Reply to MXGP of Great Britain practice and quali discussion 6/3/2018 9:14 AM

Bearuno, I was referring to the first pass. If you weren't right there, leaning on the fence at that corner, then don't comment. It was very special, I assure you.

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I have been watching MX for 40 years and NEVER saw a pass like Herlings made on Cairoli in that race. Breathtaking balance and aggression.

Reply to MXoN Matterley Basin Bench Racing - Qualifying Races 10/1/2017 1:23 AM

Huge amount of rain last night, the track can take it but it is sticky. Took my 06 des Nations cap back to where 'that' pass

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Sadly, Puzar will not be riding. He has broken his hand.

Reply to Ruparazzi Presents : THE MOTOCROSS Hall Of Fame, Discovered, Stamp it. 6/29/2017 1:45 PM

Forget the YZ, tell me about that there #22...

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OP, your basic math is ok. Your English, upper quartile vitard. Congrats. Your gasp of engineering and economic theory needs serious work.

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@ thekenndog: There are planning constraints on the number of large events that can be held annually at Matterley. No other UK promoter is willing to line Luongo's pockets for a GP.

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That sad flat track with Bobcat bumps wouldn't even be cool in Greenland.