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Has there ever been a more artificial motocross track, and event, than the Qatar night GP? It will only have any spectators because entry is free.

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I wouldn't make it through those on a horse, never mind a motorcycle.

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If you think this is a mess (and it is) then what about the British MotoGP (Marquez, Rossi et al)? Unbelievably, a 5 year deal was awarded to a company that had big plans...but, er, no actual racetrack. It's ok though, they are gonna build a wonderful ... more »

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In this thread, a whole new sub-species of Vitard has emerged. Welcome, 'mericatards.

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This thread needs more vintage.

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One I built last year...

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NO-one is cruising in the main races. Dowd had to work hard - and he is not long out of AMA pro racing at the highest level. Guy Cooper was blown away by the standard, and despite still riding regularly was relegated to mid pack in all his races. Real ... more »

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13th to 15th September 2014.

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I thought that, but he got slaughtered when he rode the VMXdN at Farleigh Castle in the UK last month.

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Marty will never be forgotten here in the UK for his ride in the 1978 500GP on the KSI Thumper, battling some of the sport's greats at the famous Farleigh Castle circuit. Last weekend - July 7th - not one but two KSI's were back on track racing at Farleigh

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