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Can ya guys help a fella out?

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Just a thought... I took and 2004 and put it into a 06 chassis... the motors all the same basically... manifold and the water pipe on the front of the engine are different.. you just need a 06 roller..

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Check you coil..

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ya, it was OEM.. I wanted a light anyways..

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At first I thought i had a carb problem,, my experience with these bikes is the stator goes out, so I replaced with a Ricky stator .. still have a problem. today it ran great, until it got hot..It stopped dead.. after it cooled down it started right ... more »

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What tme is the race starting.. it says 11... it's a 11;15

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Twenty five years ago we had to call a 900 number to get results... $50 is cool to be able to watch practice and the race... they need to work on the content a little, but otherwise it great!

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Help... I'm going to have an stroke if i don't get this figured out...HELP!!!!

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This is a couple of bikes i built in the mid 90's.. I called them XCR's the 100 was a 1985 CR80 I built for my son to race in the desert and the other was a 1989 CR125 that I shoe horned a 1985 XR200 motor into,, It was a wet sump and i fried that motor

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Saying a prayer!

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The only problem with that is most people don't have a clue how to use them... I just watched a commercial where the father tells the kid to get a lug wrench, the kid holding a pry bar turns and asks his friend if it was a lug wrench.. COME ON.. really... ... more »

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OMG... apparently none of you cut a frame and foreword mount your shocks... how about taking the whole mess, hub, bearing parts, axle to the bearing shop.. DAH!

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Really?... Not!... Check out the lap times..

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Bot he looks like a silly ass now!

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Reeds bullshit with Canard keeps coming back...

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A resume and a written test on MX/SX knowledge should be required to join this website... just say'n..

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I don't have any pic's be we went there a couple times back n he day.. it was ok, they had a little track and there wasn't much more..

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There's a problem there for sure..

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A few months ago my wife and I were wondering around Wal-Mart and this guy and this girl I some what know as savages sister wonder by... I turned to my wife and remarked how much that guy looked like Roczen... a couple of days latter my buddy that owns ... more »