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Reply to Does 22 get a top 10 finish this season? 2/17/2018 11:14 PM

I can’t see reed sniffing a top 10, if any thing his results are getting worse, add a Roczen, Grant, Barca in tonight’s race and Reed would have been an 18th place rider, even Chisolm straight up smoked him

Reply to Cooper Webb 1/27/2018 6:14 PM

Haven’t you seen Rocky?

Reply to Wonder if Decoster is pissed 1/13/2018 10:32 PM

Tickle is like the invisible man out there, Reed gets more air time riding around in 16th

Reply to Marvin Musquin is OUT, will not make the LCQ 1/13/2018 6:30 PM

Droppping like flies, at this stage it’s looking like Reed might have a shot at the title

Reply to Justin Hill - Its Definitely NOT The Bike Right? 1/13/2018 6:29 PM


Reply to What the hell is reed doing? 1/7/2018 3:20 PM

He gets an asterisk on that 15th place because of Tomacs pants

Reply to What brand gear will tomac wear next week? 1/7/2018 12:17 AM

If he turns up next week it was the pants, if he doesn’t turn up it was the shoulder

Reply to Reed 1/6/2018 11:26 PM

bet he is sore tomorrow, good job

Reply to Tomac 1/6/2018 10:05 PM

like they say, you cant win the championship at the first race, but you sure can lose it.

Reply to 2018 CR22 Race Bike 1/5/2018 2:56 PM

Would husky give him bikes and let him run kyb? Could that have been the deal breaker?

Reply to Let the hazing begin 12/10/2017 10:14 PM

What a moran

Reply to Kyle Chisholm 12/3/2017 9:57 AM

Who’s that guy?

Reply to Ronnie Mac vs RC 11/11/2017 6:35 PM

yeah probably right, racing sounds to scary for you, stick to lawn bowls

Reply to Ronnie Mac vs RC 11/11/2017 4:48 PM

not even close to landing in the stands, gtfo of here with your sensationalism

Reply to Ronnie Mac vs RC 11/11/2017 4:40 AM

Definitely scripted but those first 2 laps by RC were dynamite and how good does his bike sound compared to Ronnie’s old shitter

Reply to How to watch aus x open 10/27/2017 10:35 PM

i'm fairly certain i've watched the past 2 years live online when this event has been on

Reply to Ronny Mac in for AUS-X OPEN?? 10/27/2017 7:02 PM

These promoters must have some deep pockets

Reply to Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Team Signs Kyle Peters 10/25/2017 12:42 AM

Good for Kyle, should be a solid top 15 guy

Reply to Monster Energy Cup or Redbull Straight Rhythm? 10/21/2017 10:27 PM

RBSR not even close

Reply to Red Bull stream quality 10/21/2017 7:21 PM

i'll never drink a rebull again