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How random and awesome would it be if he lined up at round 1 outdoors next year, blitzed the field Moto 1 and then just packed up and disappear again lol.

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No but defecation is okay so long as it's aimed at the toilet.

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Have a plating company remove the nickel plating coating on the platinum pipe, polish the steel, heat the welds and you have yourself a works pipe.

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1. Glen Helen, Fox Raceway and Cahuilla probably. Always prepped, just keep an eye on each of their insta pages. Go to Glen Helen on Thursday and the other 2 whichever day. 2. California Motocross Holidays, MX vacations, Ride California. All do day rentals, ... more »

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Only the US market used the 10th digit to mark the year. OP, there is an Aus site with a list of vin numbers for each year, I will try to find it and post here. EDIT: here's the link. The number doesn't seem to match any cr250 years, maybe I overlooked ... more »

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The air pressure is your spring rate. Set it and leave it like any other spring (obviously routinely check it). If you need to raise or lower your front end you should do so by raising/dropping the forks in the clamps.

Added reply in a thread It's been asked before, but ... how much weight can I expect to lose with Ti hardware, Tubliss systems, etc.? 7/23/2021 8:43 AM

Check out hard_enduro_life on instagram, he's doing a lightweight ktm 150 for off-road/enduro. He has weight comparisons of everything he is doing on the bike. Everything will be answered there. For the 1000's you might spend on Ti it's probably not ... more »

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The company is called BioXcellerator. Not sure on cost but if it is similar to the company in Panama you are looking at 30k USD Edit: check out they are in Minnesota. Some members from an SCI group on FB have claimed good results from ... more »

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I sold mine with low hours and in great condition because of a serious injury, otherwise I'd have well over 100hrs on it now, amazing bike. Enduro bikes will just tend to do a lot more work than an MX bike, we do maybe 3-4 20min Motos (roughly) once ... more »

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Renting a room would be cheapest, great way to make friends too if you look for somewhere with like minded people. Start setting money aside now in preparation for next summer, $50-100 per week or whatever you can afford, that way you won't have to stress ... more »

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Would you not consider getting it removed? Or is that not an option in your case? I have T6 to L1 fused going on a year now, my back is in pain almost everyday.

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Thinking the same, just waiting to see if Bitcoin will drop any further before I buy. All my other coins are a rollercoaster of emotions these days.

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If I shook my cone valves a little I got a rattle similar to what you describe, although only side to side. I didn't worry about it, just assumed there was no pressure on the spring so it was able to move a little. I also had the forks apart and didn't ... more »

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Yea they were, felt like the bike siezed going up the face of the next double haha. And yep the Husky 125 that flew from Ireland to Cali

Recovery is slow but I’m starting to get some feeling come back and movement at the hips, it’s slow but ... more »
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This happened me at LACR last March, came out of a turn and must have picked up a rock into the chain guide. Blew the hub, scored the shit out of the swingarm and put a hole in the engine case. In the final week of a 2 month trip haha. The bike is still ... more »

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Easy man, no need to shout.

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I know a mousse is popular in SX but is it as popular outdoors? Thats a lot of weight/rotational mass where power and torque is important. Genuine question.

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Try a few clicks stiffer on compression on the forks, you might be riding too low in the stroke. i.e. suspension too soft.

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Hi Matt, where did you get the seat cover?

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Given how Roczen starts every season off super strong it's a bit early to call it yet. Hopefully the fitness/health issues are long gone but its been a while since he's stayed strong for an entire season.