Hope someone can help. I have a 2000 cr250 and a 1994 cr250 (also an 01 cr250). I upgraded the forks and wheels on the 00 from a 06 crf450. So I put the 2000 forks on the 94 (used the 06 crf triple clamp) as well as the front wheel so all is good on the front. My problem is the rear wheel, the spacers are too wide. Could I just grind down the 00 spacers, equal on each side, so it all fits together? Should I have a custom set made? Where? When I put the wheel and axel on the bike with our the spacers, the brake and chain/sprocket seem to line up so I think I just need slimmer spacers to make it work, and it seems like only a few millimeters off of each. I just don't have the money now to get a custom wheel set as suggested by a friend.

It's not so much that I want a 19 inch wheel on this bike, it more because the 2000 is a low hours bike and the wheels are in much better shape than the 94's.

Thanks for any and all suggestions/tips.

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