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1995 cr125 (strictly 90s stuff)
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HeKoch's Honda
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Honda CR125 2007
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19 inch rear wheel on 1994 CR250
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4/4/2020 4:49 PM

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Hi Bart, I have a 1977 XR 75 and I'd like to mount on some 1980 CR 80 forks. What else do I need, tripple clamps from the CR and a front wheel and axel? Will the xr fender work? Thanks for any tips. Kevin

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Heja Norge!!!

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1990 VRP Mugen Honda 125  - Nino Fenaroli
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CR125 1990 Mugen
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I saw the GP @ Uddevala a few years ago.....seems it was really muddy then also. Men de Svenska tjejor aer fint. Og den Norrman som postade her med Norske gente......Heja NORGE!!!!!

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Hej paa dej!
Ny haer till VitalMX. Kor en 89 och 94 CR 250 i veteran kross. Haur ocksaa en crf 450 samt naagra andra cyklar. Kul sajt. Gilar din 96:an!

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Sjuk hoj!!!

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Jag borde i Malmö...synd att det har blevit saa

men ia alla fall saa fick jaug ser VM paa Saxtorp bana o det vore kul!
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hi, I have an 89 CR 250...Love it. I changed the front brake master for a 1995 unit so I could run avs levers. Then i switches out the forks for 1992 units. PLUSH! Granted, I am just a vet novice/intermediate on my better days, but these newer Showas ... more »