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is it just me or has anyone else wanted to do that to a golf course

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i was in queentown NZ a couple of months ago and some little convenient store had both current issues. but when i got back home it took almost 4 weeks for them to hit any newsagents in canberra

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the shadow vids, i think are the best any website does. but it does suck having to wait at least 2 months for the mag to come down here.

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one of my favorite bikes, and gear that i couldnt get in aus.

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does ACT count

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couldnt have said it better

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are they both wearing runners

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i never used to wear one until until i got a gpx pro last week. i went ridding on sunday and i was just warming up on a grass track and on the second lap i just caught a small rock which took out my front wheel and sent me cart wheeling. i only went ... more »

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thor steped it up with the 2011 range. my girl would look quick with this gear on next year

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he was handed daytona . reed had like half a lap on him before his bike let go. and i will be at canberra to watch him dominate.

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theres no chance that would ever happen

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in a rush in between motos and forgot to check fuel. top 5 for first two laps then ran out of fuel

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anyone know what thor gear some of the young guys are wearing at LL's. justin bogle is wearing it in the wednsday update

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hahahahaha laughed my arse off

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reardons not ridding too bad. or even marmont, simmonds or even todd waters

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and why would they let that hillbilly back

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Ben Townley

thats sweet i wonder how much that would retail for

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