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When I was a kid, I could ride down my driveway, down the road, onto a connecting trail, and then either trail ride or meet friends at two backyard tracks. Those were some of the best days ever (~1999-2003). Before I was old enough to drive, my CR80 ... more »

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For supercross he'd get to be #1.

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Not one of you is smart enough to target the pandering producers?

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Well thanks for getting me riled up enough that I got to go watch the videos again

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Should be a single, 400 lap main event.

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That is confusing. I had to watch it a bunch of times. The two Hondas and Peick have landed, taken the corner and are gone by the time Barcia gets on track. When he re-enters the track it's with a whole different group of riders who were behind him when ... more »

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This is Stephane Roncada giving #259 all he could handle in 2004: > He had a back injury that lead to a pain pill addiction that nearly took his life by the end of that year. 14 years later ... more »

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He works for Rainbow Studios:

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Of course you are! But nobody else can help you decide if it's worth it or not.

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Yes, I’m glad he took only himself out and not Osborne with him. He’s very fast, but I feel like Forkner rides with disregard for everyone else on the track. His attitude consistently puts me off, whether he’s celebrating a win or blaming someone else ... more »

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Welcome to the second of nine Monster Energy Supercross Triple Crown Cup Monster Sprint Moto SX-Cross Championship, an FIM Interseries American World Championship, main events, featuring the best riders in the stadium in this GENRE OF RACING!

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Is that song about broken bones and learning to float an original for the Tomac Oakley commercial?

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Was just glad he took himself out before he got to Osborne. He's one of those guys who's going to have to bring things down to 90% to stay off the ground.

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Also for if you're circumcised.

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I found myself down a Ricky Carmichael rabbit hole today on YouTube and was trying to figure out what made him just so awesome . He didn't have great style (like Reed or Windham), didn't scrub (like Stewart), didn't annihilate corners (like Tomac)... ... more »

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Just had to share... realized I could 360 off the Oakland dragon's back.

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What’s the incentive to race in the U.S.? Those guys keep mopping Team USA at the MXdN.

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This might sound silly but I got a bad-ass gaming computer and hooked it up to a big-ass TV and play the Monster Energy Supercross game or MXGP3 online at maxed out graphics settings. It scratches the itch.

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Unless you’re already very, very fit, it has always seemed to me that rider weight would be easier and cheaper to drop significantly than bike weight. These systems are so expensive and shave off less weight than a pre-race poo.