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I say if its clean and looks taken care of it will be a great bike for a beginner rider. Yea sure its not as good as a 2020 but its more than enough for a new guy.

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Gas gas sponsored by baked beans and hard boiled eggs

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Keefer insists on risers with a low bend.

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Agreed. Thing is toast.

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I cant believe this wasnt a bigger story. Like RVs kid wins this thing and theres barely any mention besides his instagram.

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I made a pretty big jump from single round rank of 10k at a1 and st louis to ~100th this weekend. Amazing what happens when you stop picking all stars and ferrandis takes everyone out except your riders lol.

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My dad has a HF changer bolted to his floor in the garage. Worked ok when i did the tires on my sportbike but honestly it never made me want to stop taking it to his dealership to have that done. Id like to try the baja tool. It looks like the ticket. ... more »

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Im not an expert on dead starts but i can say having a good map and tps setting will help ease of starting. Whether that gets you close to a 2 stroke i dont know. I dont know if a 4 stroke could ever start as fast as a 2 stroke due to the 4 strokes basic ... more »

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Fatbar ktm low bend

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Tbones or if you both crash pretty much determine bad passes that could be considered penalty worthy. Marv on tomac was bad, friese on peick was bad, dylan on craig was bad.

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Renthal is saying the tensile strength is 20% stronger and elasticity is the same as their other bars. If im understanding this correctly, they flex the same as a regular fatbar(contrary to the marketing) and require more force to actually break. So ... more »

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If these new bars allow more flex it goes to show it can bend easier. Twinwalls are stiff and do not bend as easy. Hes not wrong. Tbh bars bend all the time and are a replaceable part. Buy cheap bars if youre concerned about bending a lot. These new ... more »

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Some companies make plastic covers. For the most part youre sol on keeping them nice.

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You guys need to keep in mind this bar is marketed towards those who need that 1% extra. Its comparable to buying ti axles.

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Pulp isnt pulp without steve.

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“kIcK sTaRtErS aRe MoRe ReLiAbLe”

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It smokes because of how hard he is on the clutch

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He dominated amateurs, dominated sx last year, dominated his heat, has a smoking hot fiance. How can any 20 year old rider not have a cocky attitude? Hes the shit and he knows it.

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If the air didnt do that you wouldnt be able to turn it over. Just do a compression test

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Alias owners: Guys lets ditch our entire product family and sell CBD.