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X2- They're awesome. They sell them one at a time, with the damage to my knees I needed one medium & one large, so that worked out great.

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Asterisk carbon cell ones- Incredibly light, incredibly comfortable.

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So awesome for Broc.....This would be a really strong outdoor team as well.... I wish they could make it happen.

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True. I ended up w/ the carbon cell ones, they're awesome. Lighter than the boxes they come in, very slim & comfortable.

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I'm one of those old guys......If they'd take some of us & let us help w/ the layout, prep it like they do the main & not treat it like a borrowed step-child, I think it would be awesome....I've never understood their logic to use 2/3rds of the ... more »

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Dragon backs are bs........

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There's a blast from the past...The GFI races @ Perris in the 90's were awsesome- the 125 races, not only pros but intermediates as well were always barn burners.....Upton,Dostal, EJ Wright, the Schnell brothers, Walters, Valdez, Hamblin, Beatty, Carlson, ... more »

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I build T handles as needed out of ratchet extensions & sockets, w/ a t handle adapter in place of a ratchet. They break down to fit in the tool box much easier, & they build w/ regular ratchet/socket parts, so the only additional tools you need ... more »

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In 2011 I shattered my tibial plateau, my Ortho said he'd only seen one worse, & they couldn't save it.... I was in a wheelchair for 4 months, when I could finally do pt, it went on regularly for at least a year. The Dr.s would say I'd never ride ... more »

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KTMs (and Huskies) require more slack in the chain than other bikes. The manual recommends 55-58mm of play measuring right behind the top of the chain block on the swingarm.

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He did- I didn't know him well at all, but I'll never forget him. My 1st pro race was a $5000.00 purse race at Saddleback. The first lap I was mid-pack, right behind him in a huge pack of guys...going into the tree turn, I followed him into the same ... more »

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Yea, but Southwick & Assen are 2 completely different types of sand.....I really like Tomac, but at Assen Herlings will mop the floor with everyone.....

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I think the grey looks sick.....I've never been a fan of any of the blue on Suzukis, or KTMs for that matter-

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I got it, I thought it was funny as shit......I told my son "I've never seen a blue kit I liked, but I'd wear that...." He said, ".....Of course you would, cuz it's purple, you fag....."

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I feel your pain, my Brother......There's not much worse than watching helplessly as your kid is going thru detox.....My older son will be 40 this year, he went down the pain med-to-heroin rabbit hole, 5 years ago he started to turn himself around, & ... more »

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...What is it?.....

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Davi Milsaps-

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...Bangin on the bongos like a Chimpanzee.......

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Congrats to you, Dude- Keep it up! Moto is the prime reason I manage to suppress that 350 lb.guy that lives inside of me.....(whatever works, right???) This year I had to lay off riding/racing for about 5 months, & getting back my fitness base at ... more »

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My CMC # was 93 in '76, I got married & quit racing. By the time I got back to it, I was a vet, so in '91 or '92 I made it v93.