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When is MCR and the alessi's going to get out of the sport. I wish I could just fast forward to that time. Go race the damn GP's and let them put up with your delusional antics

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you can pre-order it on amazon for the PC

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I would bitch too considering when he has a good bike under him he is on fire. Seems like the two go together, he takes the vitard guess work out of it when you see millions of threads asking if some of the top guys were on different bikes? He has won ... more »

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Olds cool... I believe vanillaice said average which is pretty damn close. Ya not all teams are on a 20 million budget but the top teams are much higher and the lower teams are lower.... To run a top tier craftsmans truck series team in 2003 2004ish ... more »

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Ya should have had an SX title and let Tomac get the best of him...Didn't show up the first 3 rounds this year for SX... I like him and have been a fan since he was an amateur, but if shit doesn't go exactly his way it's hard for him to recover.

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We'll see how it goes.. Deano is too mental to me let's shit get to him. I think it's a rude awakening to see Roczen do as well as he has. Wish him the best but don't expect much as far as results

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link no worky...

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fox sports go also has an official stream if you have a participating provider.... just FYI

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All you barcia fanboys would be the first to call it out if rolls were reversed and are the idiots that would make excuses for him when he got checked up by a lapped rider and then threw a fit like a little bitch... Call it what you want but he did put ... more »

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damn someone deserves a gold medal

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Couldn't agree more...perfect fit for the mulisha

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you have to turn on wifi on your gopro and then select gopro app on the camera for it to recognize your phone. then go to wifi on your iphone and it should come up, when you connect the password should be goprohero

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funny you act like larry is the most upstanding when it comes to contracts and doing what is right. maybe karma is a bitch, and as stated before nobody knows if anything was set in stone. On the other side I have no clue why geico would bring him back? ... more »

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i'll will most likely stream most of the rounds online and I have FS1 & FS2 in HD.

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I'm sure by san diego you will definitely see new stuff, he has his sponsors and bikes and stuff locked in and i know he has been giving input on designs and stuff through shift. Good seeing some aussies coming to watch, met up with some when the V8's ... more »

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pretty sure AZ35 nailed this one ha! good on ya mate!

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i agree with jamma10 about the V8's! saw them in austin last year and Im extremely bummed there not coming back in 2014, some of the best racing you will ever see. F1 on the other hand even when you look at these videos and you see their budget it seems ... more »

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You guys are so far off..

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What mitch was saying was if you think there doing PED's then why has he been so damn fast even as an amateur, all the guys that are at the top have been at the top since they were young. So were they taking HGH or PED's at 12 years old? They just have

... more »
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On the PulpMX show, Tony says jeff has an assault charge against DC now? He can't seem to believe that Jeff is guilty even with overwhelming evidence, but he thinks an assault charge is going to stick to DC, with nobody saying or coming forward that ... more »

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