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San Manuel didn't buy the team. they are the title sponsor and the main cash-flow. but do not own the team or anything else. the reed drama and the team is over. has been for awhile.

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sxf!? any chance I could get a hookup man. thanks in advance!

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haha regal didn't have team orders or anything like that he made mistakes on the last of which in the rhythm section which was caught on the telecast as reed was passing him to lap sorry bud your wrong. and the team name is team San ... more »

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anyone know where to find tickets? doesn't seem to have anything. I am looking for 6 for my buddies bachelor party since the other guy dropped the ball on it? any ideas?

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i dont know what jets are in it right now, i bought it like this and havent taken the carb apart yet? just curious if it was running lean or rich??

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Prayers sent and hope for a speedy recovery..

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I have an 06 Kx250f and it has a boyenson quickshot on it. I think i need to re-jet but not sure if its lean or rich? It bogs bad when you grab full throttle, you can hardly grab any throttle when it is cold, when it gets warm it is better but still ... more »

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If this is the best attended race or one of the biggest races for feld...but yet we have all this theft and loss of bikes,equipment and personal belongings? Why would anyone want to waste time or money on added security or renting a building?? I say ... more »

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anyone know of an ATL re-air soon?? i want to record the whole thing

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Any moves Hansen has done this year have been deserved and guys have tried to rough him up all year...just came up short. He happens to do a better job and go through with it. He hasn't once set out to clean a guy think payback should be for ... more »

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Leading the lcq

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I know AMA rules in outdoors they have to be at least 6" tall i believe.....

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Kenny is awesome.!! Someone needs to give him a mic and commentate the east supercross rounds.....better than emig and shaheen.IMO

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Kyle is an more of an outdoor guy than supercross. The way he pushes himself and trains is beastly especially for outdoors last year, thats why he got the results he did. As far as this year? he is now on a premier team with a teammate like JS7. To take ... more »

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Ha suppercross?? I guess better than soupercross. But none he less ha

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Stock KTM Renthal Fatbars, with KTM orange renthal grips. Still straight and awesome shape. $40 shipped OBO Contact Garrett

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I have a set of stock plastics for a 2006 KX250F, still in good shape and 100% usuable. Have monster graphics on them already, ready to ship. $60 shipped anywhere. OBO Contact Garrett THANKS!

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