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Ive fallen approximately 1.3 million times over 30 years and this is the first time I’ve ever had one break on me. Fell over and shattered the throttle tube on my ‘18 husky, ruined the rest of the ride day. Thinking about switching over to an aluminum ... more »

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Anyone here race this weekend? If so, wondering what you thought of the track. My first time riding up there. I had a ton of fun, but holy sand whoops! Felt like miles upon miles of them. Were they getting really big and sketchy, or is it time for me ... more »

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Dude, these have been absolutely killer. Thanks for putting all the work into them. Some day I’ll have to shoot over from Havasu to catch a live show. Are you planning on keeping it going throughout the nationals? Btw, cool to hear you speaking about ... more »

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I have a 150. I ride the vet class though so displacement isn’t an issue. It’s a little easier to ride than the 125. Has just a touch more. If you’re gonna be racing, I’d get the 125. The problem I had with the 150 is that you ride it just like a 125 ... more »

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Just to add some more confusion to this thread...I’m thinking I’m gonna send mine off to AHM in SoCal. Had factory connection do my last set of AER’s and they were good. Had them valve it for GP/WORCS and I could both Moto, and off-road with it just ... more »

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Just replaced mine on a 2018. 3.2 hours on the bike. Put on a rekluse manual slave

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I had a cylinder works 365 kit in mine. It was back in 2012. Had to add a bit more fuel so ended up getting a JD power jet tuner thing. If I hadn’t sold the bike...I would have had someone rework the mapping professionally. As far as the kit goes...made ... more »

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Only 49.5 hours on bike Factory connection AER 48 performance kit on forks/ bladder on shock. Valved for WORCS/GP Rekluse radius CX clutch with 25 hours. Heavy duty 280 spring. Have stock clutch as well. Stock pipe with P3 guard, gnarly pipe, turbine

... more »

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I’m planning on a couch and tv setup on the end with the rug. Fridge by that water cooler. Gonna hang up my Moto stuff I’ve collected over the years as well. The door to the right of the bike leads to the living room so I can leave ... more »
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Just watched the show. It was great.....just like all the others. Good job, these are fantastic Ping.

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I did the AER performance kit and rear bladder revlaved on both ends with Factory Connection. Like it way better than stock. Settles into corners much better. Had them valve it for GP/ WORCS racing. I can ride off-road and take it to the track equally ... more »

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The flyer states green/red sticker needed. Huh? I’m from Az. I have our version of OHV plate/sticker. Is that your guys’ version of the same?

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I rebuilt an 09 yz 250 with same issue. Soaked it in pb blaster and I rigged up a bearing puller type deal with a socket, some threaded rod, washers and nuts. I tightened the puller so the bolt was under tension and then pounded on it with a hammer at ... more »

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I was planning on heading out for the first one. Seems like a lot of mileage though. Will be a bummer if so. I started riding more worcs stuff just because it was getting too tough to train for longer events. Just not enough time in the day to dedicate ... more »

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Flying dude. Nice work. Videos,as always, dont do it justice. That track gets beat to crap. Good ride man

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Not sure...but he went FLYING by me at the Havasu big6 GP this weekend. Style is so smooth. Didn’t even look like he was trying, but damn he was hauling.

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Get one. Made my 350 absolutely incredible to ride in anything. Moto to single track. It would do it all without worry. Put a radiator fan on it if you’re gonna off-road it though through slower stuff.