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Two Two Motorsports

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um, have to disagree...he is ferocious on a lites bike but he will have to take holeshot lessons from 800 before he even cracks a top 5 in MX...5, 94, 3, 41, and 2 (and maybe 7) will be long gone by the time 15 min into the moto comes around and he starts ... more »

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Yes, he was the points leader and a Monster backed

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hmmm...did you see the instagram post JS7 put out yesterday? He seemed like he was 'anxious' to fill every one in on what has been going on...which makes this whole thread seem like a pitch and catch for vitards... in any situation, JS7 has been treated ... more »

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We have similar taste...but yours is much cooler...mine more stock for sure ... more »
New thread I was at Millville...Langston... 7/22/2014 10:03 PM

When I got home from Millville...and heard how he 'called out' James Stewart on the broadcast I was kind of thrown off. I haven't ever seen an announcer go after a rider like that for something so minor...and I have seen many, many, many riders pull ... more »

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agree...but a like and dislike would help the stream of endless bullshit around here...a simple like or dislike instead of 10 posts that say the exact same thing...

New thread Someone tell Grant Langston... 7/6/2014 6:37 AM

to stop mentioning what happened in the 250 motos during the 450 broadcast... I have a bad habit of watching both 450 motos during the day and watching the 250 motos later that evening back to back... pass it along...

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his career was made by turning the throttle when others let off...nothing more...nothing to tarnish...

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I believe that drug testing is a joke if it's RANDOM, because it's never random... I would like to know who else was tested. can we get a list? and why in Washington and Colorado...hmmm what do they have in common?

New thread 1 or All...or it's a witch hunt 6/20/2014 7:53 AM

Either everyone is tested or no one is tested...random is never random...ask any professional sport. it is always targeted at the guy winning at that moment. 100+ guys show up to qualify and race each weekend...you really think all of them are clean? ... more »

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New thread so much talk... 6/14/2014 4:21 PM

about stewart only winning last week because he was riding a 'wide' bike... well today should silence that as he pulled just enough gap to win each moto. It seemed like he was just riding around waiting for someone to catch him...if they did he poured ... more »

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McGrath, Vohland, Antunez, Lusk, Button, Swink, Henry, Dement, Pedersen.... and 0 wins for me...

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Grizz...your profile pictures makes you look stupid, and your lack of knowledge about this sport is why people call you a fantard...you know nothing...go away... Bradshaw was my favorite rider back in the early 90's...then Reynard, then Ezra... all fox ... more »

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yeah that's not racist at all... 'da fuq is up wit da embedded image' was that necessary or are you just fuking dumb?

New thread SE7EN Gear 5/4/2014 8:59 PM

looks amazing...vegas gear was head and shoulders above the rest... ...RVs looking more like it( i dug the vegas gear), solid color with 1 or 2 solid color accents...industry taking notes honda and ktm need to fire everybody in charge of gear...wth wish ... more »

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yes this was a cheap cast into a sea of stupidity, but the usual suspects showed up as suspected...consider it a social experiment... and not a serious one either, but a few took it serious and got bent out of shape...others called the play what it was...carry ... more »

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your list is easy...it's all about championships so why include wins? just for hypothetical let's say RV retires now, and Stewart sticks around 3 more years and picks up say 15-18 more wins without any championships(very possible)...at what point would ... more »

New thread RV dick move 5/4/2014 6:12 AM

Two weeks in a row and RV almost takes half the field out on the start straight... Someone needs to do the same to him...little payback is in order

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didn't you read...he bent his knee brace...which would hurt a whole lot and make your leg seem pretty stiff...so yeah it looked bad, probably felt bad too... nothing to see here move on