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wow...can't believe i am reading this...I am all for a guy rooting for or against a rider, and even talking a little trash on a forum about it...but this is what i call 'too far'...i talk my fair amount of trash but ultimately these guys are the best ... more »

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hey bigborefan... care to enlighten us who else the 'euro trash' put a beat down on? and a washed-up, out of shape, pos like 7 got a 3rd in the first moto off the couch, on the bike that, well you know...whats that say about the rest of the field...? ... more »

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if baby bogle would just race and stop bitching and whining he might be up front more...fastest qualifier...bad start...cry cry cry about some guy bumping you in when you stalled in front of him...then take the outside on the finish without a wheel up ... more »

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you really think RV isn't going to give it back to barcia when he collides with him? yeah right... Barcia will get punted...stamp it

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so you are saying that the guys in the back should ignore the blue flags and keep racing? The main line was around the outside, every lap...21 made a dumb move and didn't account for lappers, no fault but his own... right...

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this... no one said he(801) was rolling around for 20 laps...i doubt he was... but when the leaders came by and he wasn't in a race himself, he did his best to stay out of the way Weimer was too impatient...then got butt-hurt over it and looks like the ... more »

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if 801 was racing hard, 21 would have been bitching about him racing too hard when being lapped. 21 always bitches because he is a bitchy little bitchass... weimer = whiner...we already knew that... his sense of 'entitlement' is on par with Bogles... ... more »

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Please post this in all the threads where idiots are saying that js7 hasn't accomplished anything... is Aldon really all that? (read the article)

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you really think MC remembers all 72 'nac-nac's'? doubt it...there were many many boring main events where he just rode around by himself... PLUS, how much youtube, HD, forum discussion, live on speed, is there of Damon's Era?

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this blows my mind... MC was in a ton of main events...nearly double where js7 currently is. REED has been in a bunch too, 33 more than Carmichael... i love these stats

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wow... I have always thought stewart was amazing, but this puts it in to a different perspective. He is still pulling better averages than RV and RD in most departments. They are so young, every time they win their percentages jump significantly. Plus, ... more »

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RYDER LAROCCO son of a legend...who cares if he rides...great name

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i don't keep stubs...but I am keeping the peak procircuit #125 front number plate signed by some guy named 'mcgrath'...just in case he makes something of himself...

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open season...

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Get well soon. RV is on an island...

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Good luck Ben. Here is praying for a healthy return to mx. One of the few guys who could pass and leave RV behind back in the day. (lites mx series) Here is hoping for some magic!

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^^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^^ x100 good luck townley and twotwo

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i can smell the premix already..what a sound that would be...

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moderators must have favorite riders... 2010...bashed Dungey/Baggett during championship season and got clipped...2 times...ouch... 2012...posted the same exact thing about Dungey and no one noticed... its human, its lopsided... and btw, I like RD5... ... more »