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They are not the same, but 2009-2015 are the same.

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Hi even if the Teflon coating looks good, they can still cause the forks to feel harsh. The thing to look for is how smooth the Teflon surface is. Also make sure the forks are running straight and the lower triple clamps are not over tight. When I say ... more »

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Hi I would suggest putting the correct springs in first for your weight and leave the reb and comp settings stock to start with.

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If I understand your question right, you want to remove the bottom clevis of the rear shock. If that is correct just release gas pressure, then remove clevis, install new clevis and recharge with gas. The only issue you may have is the rebound needle/adjusting ... more »

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If you find all the bearings are ok and you still get this feeling, you must check the shock. I have serviced shocks for over 20yrs and from time to time the nut on the end of the piston rod comes loose. If the shock is original and has never been rebuilt ... more »

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vertex are cast with a high silicone content.

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you can also try making sure the static/free sag is correct when you have the 100mm ride sag. Regarding the forks, if you have had the front wheel off, on reassembly you may not have the forks running parallel causing the forks to bind. There can be ... more »

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98mm air gap with 5wt oil. It may seem a low air gap, but this fork has a bladder around the cartridge.

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Oil seals and dust seals are the same. Sorry cant remember if the bushes will fit.

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Hi I would suggest 8,4n/mm in the forks, but the rear spring is more difficult to suggest for as you have changed the link. If you have the std link I would go for a 48n/mm.

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With out taking it apart you will never know. My guess is it could be something has come loose and may be catching a casing, so I would remove clutch cover etc first. If you find nothing wrong then I would take the top end off.

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Hi in effect the o rings fit inside the the open side of the spacer as shown in pic 1 and 3. There are no grooves for the o rings just simply slide them over the shaft and then fit the spacer and sprocket. I would suggest plenty grease on the outside ... more »

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Hope this helps. 97-01 yz125 also fits 04 cr125 86-96 cr250 also fits 96-97 rm250 97-01 cr250 also fits 98 rm250 99-14 yz250 also fits 03-10 rm250