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He'll be around 4th-5th, with Tomac, Anderson, Seely, Baggett and Short on his tale in the points. Its a 6 rider battle right there I assume, and I believe the more consistent you are, the more chance to finish in front of the other you have. I believe ... more »

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Again, an international motocross with some big names in it. First race out of three just finished. Shaun Simpson take it in front of Ferrandis and Frossard. Xavier Boog is 4th and then Guarneri, Jonass and Teillet.

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Clement Desalle win the first race with ease. Evgeny Bobryshev take second 29 sec behind, and then Whatley, Krestinov and Tixier. Jordi Tixier was 14th on the first lap and came back to 5 on his kawasaki 250.

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You forgot this: Canard is just Canard Musquin is not Webb Seely is a strong top 5 guy.

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Canard is fast. He turn the fastest lap in the main. I think if he can get the start and be consistent, he can win the thing. He still need Dungey to do a mistake though.

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Definitly the best 250 team so far this year. Both coast combined, they won 5 out of 8 mains, almost 6 (one more lap and Webb COULD have passed Stewart, remember). The "2nd riders" Plessinger and Rodriguez are solid top ten, almost top 5 guy for AP157, ... more »

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I know its not the topic but Romain Febvre seems dangerous. By that I mean he can very well surprise some people in 2015. Cairoli passed him in the last race in Italy and Febvre answer back, passed him back and gapped him. Then he almost pass Van Horebeek ... more »

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Just buy a french mag today where one of the kawasaki team member say: "We were in the USA to test. He was the fastest on the track each and every time and there was GP guys. We've seen Strijbos, Coldenhoff, Desalle." Seems like he met those guys on ... more »

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Desalle go for 2. Win the 2nd race in front of Boog, Simpson, Frossard and Strijbos in this order. GP21 7th behind Teillet. Rattray didn't run this one I believe.

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Jonass win second race. Final race with MX1 and MX2 rider is canceled.

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I think Seely is the only rookie that can get one this year. I mean Anderson as the same speed as CS21 but he do much more mistakes I think. And yeah, I really wanna see a podium with Canard, Tomac and Seely. It can happen and it'll be awesome. Hopefully, ... more »

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Who is performing better than I expected ? Jason Anderson: I didn't expect him to be on the podium at A1 and to have than speed. His last results (10/9/10) are what I was waiting from him, but I know now he can do a lot better. Cole Seely: he had a podium ... more »

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Yeah. He said this is because he's more of a smooth rider. He's the opposite of Eli and Trey is between the two. That's why Eli and Trey have KYB and Cole have Showa.

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Great guy, great riding style. Again an impressive week end. 3rd lap times in practice, win his heat against Dungey, Roczen and Canard, who are 1, 2 and 3 in the points. Was 14 in the first lap of the main and passed great guys like Anderson to get 6. ... more »

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The best contenders for the win will be Paulin, Frossard, Desalle and Strijbos I believe.

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Since I'm from France: Gautier Paulin Steven Frossard Marvin Musquin Christophe Pourcel Dylan Ferrandis Jordi Tixier Romain Febvre Valentin Teillet Christophe Charlier Xavier Boog Sebastien Pourcel David Herbreteau Milko Potisek Fabien Izoird Cedric ... more »

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The Motoclub of Valence just confirm Rattray to ride this week end. No news about Villopoto.

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I was about to go with Marvin Musquin or Jeremy Martin before I see this: He's damn fast. I think he'll be up there.

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So, who's the number 1 rider on Honda ? I mean, when you watch the points, its a tie...