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Is that a Scalvini exhaust on the first bike? We had a rule change up here in Canada where an Intermediate can try to qualify for the MX2 Pro Sunday show on a 250cc 2-stroke. Building 2 YZ smokers for a local kid and just ordered 3 complete systems. ... more »

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I....uh............ummm. Ok.....hhhmmmmm........I.......uhhhh. Wow. Speechless. Incredible.

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Awesome! I especially like your #

I haven't seen that combo too often! Since 1983! ... more »
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They're in the front. That's what the wall is for......to keep their skankiness away from your riding gear and bikes and stuff!

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Cool vid....makes me want to get out there and

... more »
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A holeshot is still the best feeling I can ever remember! Nothing better than coming out of the 1st turn all nice &

Unfortunately, haven't done that since 1985.....probably never will! Ha! Now that I'm an old(er) guy, I enjoy the simpler ... more »
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Oh God!! I forgot about that one!!! Definitely

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Have a Bob Marley wrap first.....then you'll really have the munchies!

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Awesome! I bet windham could transition those wood

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That's great! I wish I had pics, or at least could remember, all of the crazy fixes and things we had to do to race those old bikes. Just getting to the track was a challenge.......an old Chevy van stuffed with 3 bikes ( and sometimes an 80 on the fr ... more »

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Ha! Got to the bottom of the pics, and went Huh? That's it? Cool bike build

Keep posting your progress! Love YZ125 builds! Oh yeah.....you plan on doin' 90 min motos or is this a woods bike build? 125's off-road are brutal.....but fun!
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Oh yeah.....you never win with rocks. More like a maintenance or control kind of thing.

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One of these works great!! If you have access to a cutting torch and welder you can make one cheap too!!

http://www.qualityweldingservice.com/70screeningbucket.html ... more »
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I think these guys liked

When you search google images for "washed up rockstar", guess who's face is on page 1... more »
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Whoah!.....I, uh......ummmm

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Those welds & rebar are AWESOME.....gives it that "factory"

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I've used 7lbs = 1hp for snowmobiles for years, wasn't sure if that applied to bikes, too.