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Kenny never stops working out, even when he's hurt. 4 weeks won't be that much to gap since his base is so good. Just hope he can put it in the 5-7 spot and NOT GET HURT.

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I can't wait. Baggett wants to prove himself against a stacked field, Mr Anderson will be fresh off his first 450 sx championship ready to prove its not a fluke. Once again, Kenny will be coming back with a chip on his shoulder and a head full of what ... more »

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They don't hook this bro up broseph, I go out of state. See you at snake or breeze! Come say hi. 07,17, crf450s. #12

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Kind of funny someone dug up this old post of mine. I just got a leftover 17 crf450. My first new bike in 10 years, almost to the month.

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The frequency of oil changes is WAY more important than the oil quality. I change my oil and filter every 2 motor hours, air filter every 2-3, but if it's super dusty, every ride.

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Would love to see him come back on a 450, but its the 125. I pray someone puts up decent video of the 2 stroke race


This setup would be ~2.2mil in my area.

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I ran av gas in my carbed 450 once, ran like shit even with changing air screw and main jet. If you have a stock 450 fuel injected motor, I don't know why you'd bother.

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Take a trip to so cal or Florida, sign up for B class, and prepare to get served. You'll learn a couple things on that trip.

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I thought these guys all leased their suspension nowadays at the factory level. Are we taking 20k for a season to LEASE factory showa stuff?

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After an injury like that, I think I would do something else. Test riding, bike development, something.

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Chris, can you clarify that last sentence in the first paragraph? Are you saying that over time the spring will lengthen a little with use? I have a 6.3 on my 17 crf450, and to get to 104 I had to back it out to the last thread on the shock. Not comfortable

... more »
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No matter what happens, cool to meet mookie in person. We need more people like mookie, ac, and plessinger in this sport

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I had a 2010 CRF450 with just about everything on it, and fc suspension. The link, hinson clutch, revalved steering damper, etc, etc. The 17/18 bone stock (after setting sag) is hands down a better bike than any 09-12 I've ridden.

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Thank you guys, I will fix this tommorow. Got the bolt out today using impact and pressing a flat blade against the "rivnut".

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Bump. Thanks for the info!

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Thanks Dylan, I'll check it this morning

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So, my luck sucks. First oil change on my 17 450. .7 hours on the motor. Went to remove the skidplate and the 10mm bolt in the back just spins in the frame. It will not back out, I even tried an impact driver prying lightly between the frame and skidplate ... more »

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My thoughts echo what has already been said for the most part. Blake may not be the fastest guy out there right now, but you can clearly see his riding skills are a cut above most riders in the 250 class.