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Reply to SX 125 Factory Replica 10/31/2018 5:14 AM

Made a little progress on the bike last night. I ordered all new plastic and an 03 SX tank. My graphics guy is working on the graphics for it now. next on the list is to tear it apart and have the frame powder coated. I had an 04 SX 200 when I was in

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New thread 1987 KX 125 10/29/2018 8:38 AM

1987 KX 125, the bike is in great shape and runs great. It has many period correct performance parts, they include, original Pro Circuit pipe, Roost Boost, DMC power valve spacer, carbon reeds, UFO hand guards and an Ohlins shock. It also has many new

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New thread SX 125 Factory Replica 10/29/2018 5:37 AM

I did some trading over the weekend and ended up with a 2002 KTM SX 125. The bike runs great and has been somewhat taken care of. I would like to make the bike look like Langston and Hughes' 2003 Red Bull 125's. I ordered plastic and a 2003 fuel tank

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Reply to Garage/Shop Setup 10/18/2018 12:55 PM

My 20'x32' garage, 5 bikes, a car and the lawn mower. Not the biggest or best organized but it gets the job done.

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Reply to 89 KTM 125sx *WOW 10/13/2018 5:14 AM

I just bought an 83. it's in pieces and needs completely gone through. I took a ride on it before I tore it apart.

Reply to SHOT Race Gear 10/5/2018 7:51 AM

I actually bought mine from a local dealer. It is the contact series, I have worn it all summer and it seams to breath pretty well. I'm in Southern Ohio so it gets pretty hot and humid here durring the summer.

Reply to SHOT Race Gear 10/4/2018 11:59 AM

I have a set. I like it better than the Shift gear that I have. I normally ride enduros and harescrambles, it seems to be holding up pretty well.

Reply to 1987 KX fork update/swap? 9/24/2018 8:30 AM

I actually made the silencer. It is a Buds Racing silencer for a 2016 TC 125 Husky. I kept the silencer when I sold the bike the only thing I had to do was cut the inlet pipe shorter, weld on a little bit larger diameter pipe to fit over the expansion ... more »

Reply to 1987 KX fork update/swap? 9/11/2018 7:02 AM

I've been thinking about doing a front end swap on my 87 KX 125 as well. I've been thinking about using 98 RM conventional forks or the 50mm WP Extreme. I'd like to use the WP's if I can find a set. Any one ever used either set of fork on a KX?

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Reply to 1987 KX 125 8/22/2018 12:56 PM

I did a little more work on the KX the other night. I installed new plastic, graphics, handguards and an old school bar pad. I'm pretty happy with the way this bike is shaping up.

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Reply to With the approval of my wife my wallet decided to speak 8/18/2018 1:33 PM

I’m not sure what the temp of the thermostat is. I just know I didn’t need it or want it!

New thread With the approval of my wife my wallet decided to speak 8/18/2018 3:51 AM

After racing the local Full Gas Sprint Enduro in June I decided it was time to step up from the 125 to a bigger bike. It was hard to compete against 250 2 strokes in the grass track on my TC 125 so with the wife’s approval (as this is my 11th bike in

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Reply to 1987 KX 125 8/17/2018 12:48 PM

So I decided the bike needed a silencer that looks a little more factory than the stock aluminum one. I had a Buds Racing carbon fiber silencer laying around from a 2016 TC 125 that I had. I think it turned out ok. Don’t mind the hose and clamps thats

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New thread 1987 KX 125 8/16/2018 8:27 AM

This is my 1987 KX 125 that I recently acquired. It has an original Pro Circuit pipe, Roost Boost, DMC power valve spacer, Ohlins Shock and a few other goodies. The bike runs strong, this is going to be my vintage racer. I am currently looking for any

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Reply to 2017 KTM 150 SX Weird rev limiter 7/12/2018 4:51 AM

I had the F1 moto power valve arms on my 2016 TC125 and made a big difference. The power valve worked a lot smoother.

Reply to Kick a** two strokes! 5/25/2018 5:13 AM

2016 TC 125 Bud Racing Silencer, Sclavini Pipe, VForce Reeds, F1 Moto Power Valve Arms, VHM Reed Spacer, Rekluse Core Manual Clutch, many other small add ons. 1983 WR 250
Reply to Husqvarna plastics 5/24/2018 10:02 AM

I have TE fenders and tank on my 2017 TC 125. The shrouds and side panels are the same for the TX, TC and TE. As said above the only thing that is different is the mounting points for the rear fender extender and the headlight instead of the number plate. ... more »

Reply to 1981 RM 125 4/26/2018 3:30 AM

I’m in Southern Ohio.

New thread 1981 RM 125 4/25/2018 1:06 PM

1981 RM 125 this is the first year for the liquid cooled engine and single shock. It has been complete went through, it runs great. It has new plastic, seat foam and cover, tires, fresh bore and piston, new bearings, cables, and the water pump has been

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Reply to 1986 MX 250 KTM 4/12/2018 5:06 PM

Made some progress today. It’s looking better.

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