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Reply to 1993 KX 125 - Rebuild 2.0 2/28/2020 4:30 AM

So I want to purchase a new set of rims for the bike but I can't decide what color. I have a set of silver Excel rims but I really like the look of gold or blue rims on this bike. Does anyone have any picture of their KX's with gold or blue rims? I will ... more »

New thread WTB 1993 KX 125 Exhaust 2/25/2020 11:40 AM

I am currently looking for an exhaust for my 1993 KX 125 project. I have a pretty rough FMF, but I would like to find a PC pipe, or any pipe that is in good shape. I know a 92-93 will work, not sure on other years.

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Reply to 1993 KX 125 - Rebuild 2.0 2/24/2020 7:36 AM

I finally got the cylinder back form Millennium. I spend Saturday buttoning this thing up, it fired up second kick. I still have a few things I want to do to it, new pipe, Works Connection glide plate, and rebuild the shock. But the biggest issue with

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Reply to Anyone ever coat there own clutch cover? 2/14/2020 5:19 AM

I Cerakoted the ignition cover on my TE 250. It has wore off. The first picture is after I first coated it and the second picture is after about 4 rides.

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Reply to 1993 KX 125 - Rebuild 2.0 1/24/2020 10:07 AM

So progress on the bike has been slow that last couple weeks. I received the last of the decals I had made for the bike earlier this week. I installed a pink set of fork decals but they don't "pop" like I would like. I have a set of yellow ones I'll

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Reply to 1993 KX 125 - Rebuild 2.0 1/14/2020 6:10 AM

The KX is now on it's wheels and currently waiting to be finished. I need to send the cylinder off to be recoated and fix the pipe and it will be pretty much done. I also have a ton of decals coming from EVO MX for the bike as well. I'm excited to get

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Reply to 1993 KX 125 - Rebuild 2.0 1/6/2020 5:04 AM

The bike is slowly but surely coming together. I rebuilt the forks over the weekend and ordered a different rear wheel. This bike was in way worse condition that I expected when I purchased it. I've ended up having to but a different linkage, rear hub,

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Reply to 1993 KX 125 - Rebuild 2.0 1/2/2020 4:34 AM

I already stripped the top clamp. I then coated both clamps with Cerakote - Burnt Bronze.

Reply to 1993 KX 125 - Rebuild 2.0 12/31/2019 10:09 AM

I made a small amount of progress on the bike yesterday. Bottom end is in the frame, bars are on and a few other bits installed. I can't decide which bar pad. I'm thinking the yellow one.

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Reply to 1993 KX 125 - Rebuild 2.0 12/23/2019 4:58 AM

I was able to work on the bike a little over the weekend. I installed the rear suspension, subframe and triple clamps. I had to throw the rest of the plastic on it to see what it is going to look like. The original shock for the bike had rust on the

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Reply to 1993 KX 125 - Rebuild 2.0 12/16/2019 10:11 AM

So I dug into the bike a little more over the weekend. The clutch drug when I rode the bike around the yard so I took the clutch cover off and everything looks good, except the loose nut that hold the whole clutch assembly in. That's not the only things

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Reply to 1993 KX 125 - Rebuild 2.0 12/12/2019 4:52 AM

A little update on the bike, parts are starting to roll in. Graphics, plastics, seat cover, PC silencer, and a few other parts have showed up. I have the bike completely tore apart and I have painted the frame. I also bought a vented Acerbis number plate,

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Reply to 1993 KX 125 - Rebuild 2.0 12/11/2019 10:14 AM

Where did you find the rotor cover and the PC fork decals?

Reply to 1993 KX 125 - Rebuild 2.0 12/5/2019 7:34 AM

So I started tearing the bike apart and I found a couple things that I will have to fix already. The chain has almost wore the subframe in two, and it's never a good sign when you take the seat off and see a dry filter. It also has the wrong silencer

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Reply to 1993 KX 125 - Rebuild 2.0 12/3/2019 7:15 AM

I ordered a few parts for the bike yesterday. I have new plastic, PJ1 frame paint, graphics, seat cover, and even a used Applied triple clamp. I plan on starting to tear down the bike tonight. More pictures to follow.

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Reply to 1993 KX 125 - Rebuild 2.0 12/3/2019 5:28 AM

I paid $900 for it. It needs a little work but it's a solid starting point.

New thread 1993 KX 125 - Rebuild 2.0 12/2/2019 12:29 PM

So over the weekend I drove 4 hours to pick this thing up. It popped up on Facebook Marketplace and I had to have it. My brother had one when they were new. It's a pretty solid bike just needs cleaned up and a few odds and ends. I'm going to tear it

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Reply to 1994 Husqvarna WXC 125 11/19/2019 8:18 AM

So a little update on the bike. I traded it off a few months ago but I know have it back. I have recently purchased a new Dynoport pipe to replace the beat up one that was on it. I have also came across a couple fabric Renthal bar pads, I think I will

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Reply to 1993 Husqvarna CR125 - Semi-build 11/13/2019 12:34 PM

If you find a rod let us know where you found it. As far as I know they are pretty rare. When I rebuilt the engine in my bike I was going to put a new rod in it just so the entire engine was fresh but I couldn't locate a rod any where.

Reply to 2017 TE 250 10/28/2019 7:14 AM

I think this turned out pretty sweet. There are a couple things I would change with the graphics (darker yellow backgrounds and gold on the shourds) but I think it looks killer.