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Yeah I might be interested in the pipe and cover. The plastic is DC stuff,it fits ok. The original side panels I have are in pretty good shape, the only reason I bought new ones is the DC side panels were the only panels that I could find pre-pro ted ... more »

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Thanks for all the help! The clutch cover does have a small amount of corrosion. I’ve cleaned it up and coated it with epoxy paint. I’m pretty excited to get it going. That Dynoprt pipe looks awesome. Did it make a difference in the bike? I was planning ... more »

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Yeah it was a pretty good starting point. The hardest part for the old KTMs are finding parts. This one was at least all there. If it turns out as good as some of my other builds I'll be happy.

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I recently picked up a 1986 MX 250 KTM and started rebuilding it for some Evo racing this summer. I have had to install new plastic, clutch, handle bars, suspension bearings and rebuild the brakes so far. I am currently waiting on graphics and a few

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I purchased my 2016 TC 125 in May of 2016 and I have been turning it into the ultimate 125 woods weapon. It has a Sclavini expansion chamber, carbon Fiber Buds Racing silencer, vForce reeds, F1 moto power valve linkage, Tubliss tire system, TE tank,

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I love the new gear. It looks just like all the old school stuff from the 80's. I"m only 21 years old and I think the gear just flat out looks awesome. My name is JT and for christmas I received a JT Racing trucker hat and everyone was asking me if I had is made with my name on it. So I had to go on and tell them what JT Racing is. Before it came back out I looked all over the internet to try to find stickers to put on my car and bike. Now if they would release that flat black and orange gear that the supercross guys wore at A1, I would have to go out and buy me a set!!

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