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My son won a day at Ricky Carmichael University at Muddy Creek a few years back. My wife and I took him down there for the weekend and Jamie was there cooking for all of us.

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My son did RCU 6 years ago at Muddy Creek with Ricky, Emig, Stanton and Mike Brown. Very well run program and great for the parents on the sidelines too. Recommend.

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Don’t have any photos at the moment, but we put our two cabinets side by side at the front left of the garage. Had to build a small platform to make them sit a few inches off of the floor because of the wheel well. We put the two bikes side by side on ... more »

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I have the same toy hauler, but a 2016, and truck, 2017 Lariat. 3.5 EB w/ 3.55 rear end. The truck pulls it just fine, but I do have the trailer at it's weight limit (and maybe a bit beyond). When I first got it we put a tool cabinet and work bench in

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Western Reserve Motorcycle Club in Salem,OH used to have harescramble races that went through a old house on the property a few years back. It has since been torn down but they still have MX, harescrambles and flat track there.

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"1. Local mx isn't a money grab. Most of the dudes that run local tracks are enthusiasts themselves and often break even or make negligible profits over a fiscal year when accounting for time and money put in. " Wrong. Typical weekends races are one ... more »

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My boy at Unadilla this year. Love him to death.

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My company used to be an exhibitor at this trade show years ago when it was in Orlando every year. In 2011 I saw that Geico had set up a booth and were going to have Barcia there one day and Tomac the next. I wanted to get over there early to get a signed ... more »

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My son has been on their support program the last couple of years and heard some rumblings earlier this year that they may be done in the U.S. He contacted them specifically about this and they denied everything. Just a few months ago they only had one ... more »

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Have had Geico the last few years, $99/year covers two new dirt bikes for comprehensive (fire/theft) and a street bike with liability only.

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$20 per ticket for amateur day, then another $20 on top of that for fees. Crazy.

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I bought an LS2 street bike helmet a few years back. Very happy with it. My son won the Moto Playground Pitbike race at Mini O's this year and he got an LS2 retro type (open face) helmet that looks pretty cool. He is just using it as a trophy rather ... more »

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This schedule was included in the rider packets passed out at Mini O's so it's probably somewhat legit.

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I would assume that Cade has to be an AMA member in order to race Suppercross / Motocross. If he is a card carrying/paying member, why is the AMA not going up to bat for him? Maybe he's in it just for their roadside assistance, like most of us.

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Yes. Nothing like the previous version though. Small shop with parts and service.

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The "official" schedule was just released

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A lot of these follow up posts keep stating what the AMA and MX Sports should do or shouldn't do, etc., etc. Bottom line - the rules are already in place. The AMA/MX Sports chooses to ignore them in most cases. Straight from the horses (AMA's) mouth ... more »