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I am looking at putting a top end in my bike this and looked up the cost of a replacement OEM piston is ~$400. Is the OEM piston kit worth it or should I look at something like a Wiseco. I have about 30 hours of hard mx on the bike.

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Where in PA did you get this done. I need to do mine this winter and thats a good price.

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Im looking for some new hubs for my GF's bike. I saw that tusk has a front hub but doesnt have a rear hub. Are there any other years that have a rear hub that would fit the 2001. Thanks.

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My guess is that has to be Lojaks. Only Pittsburgh dealer with Yamaha/Husky.

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What year ktm and what clamps/brake setup did you run with these?

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Contact Lojaks Cycle in PA. They have very competitive prices.

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To remove mine on a RMZ I used a slide hammer with a little hook attachment. It would only come out little by little but I got it out without any damage or marks to the silencer.

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Silver Valley is awesome. The one main downhill triple is about 155ft but there is an option for a very fun, do-able double. He has recently re-done most of the track and has made the all the landings have a nice feel to them.

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I snapped mine off on my 350. When I put a new one on, I just spun it around so the I can catch the edge when riding.

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Do you have a part number for those frame guards? Those are exactly what I am looking for?

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What he is saying is Billy was the founder of the Cernics Kawasaki race team. that is all

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Let me know how that goes. Im local to Total Control and am interested on how the make the fork preform.

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I recently have gotten a FC350. I like everything about the bike but the forks in the acceleration/braking bumps. The front end seems all over the place. I have the pressure around 142psi, 15 out on compression and 15 out on rebound. I'm a 185lbs in ... more »

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From what I have heard it was a blood clot that traveled and caused a brain aneurysm. I am shock and disbelief that this has happened to Dylan. I grew up racing with Dylan every weekend. He was a great person and always had a smile on his face. RIP Dylan ... more »

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I would talk to Morgantown Powersports. I know there price was good but I really wanted a husky.

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Had both a rmz450 and yz250. Decided I liked both bikes but didnt have the need for two bikes anymore and got myself a FC 350. Im excited about this one.

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Ran a few of the stock baskets but then wanted something a little more durable and went to the barnett. I like it and fingers seemed snug and never like they were going to fly off.

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There a bunch of tracks 421 MX in Yadkinville, NC Silver Valley MX in Lexington, NC East Bend Motosports in East Bend, NC Club MX down in Chesterfield, SC Club Mole Creek MX Wide Open in Raeford, NC