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2017 kTM 250 sx second owner 87.3 hrs full motor rebuild at 65 hrs with OEM parts (crank, bearings, seals, gaskets) and cylinder replated Wiseco top end at 20 hrs after rebuild Bike always ran on 50/50 c12 and 93 MX-Tech Lucky Carbon Spring Conversion

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I have used a couple of VS seat covers and had great luck with them. I also used like 6-10 staples in the velcro to secure it.

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Looking into getting a generator to run a fan or two at the track to make life less miserable in the summer heat. I am looking at the Yamaha 2000w but what are people's experiences with the H.F. Predator or the WEN ones?

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I live in Statesville, NC. The moto and mtb are great in this area. Charlotte is only an hour away and the mountains are only a couple hrs. The plus of living here is the cost of living is dirt cheap. A house that would have cost me $225-250 back in ... more »

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I had my forks converted to the carbon lucky kit and had my shock re-valved with a bladder conversion for ~$1800. In that price, there were also some replacement seals and bushings.

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I just recently had N2D convert my AER forks to the Carbon Lucky kit. I prefer it more than I did the KYB SSS forks on my Yamaha.

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I also just had my a Lucky Gen2 system installed. N2D suggested that I go with the Gen2 because of weight/speed (185/+25A) and that I mainly ride mx. I cannot say enough good things about the setup. It makes the bike track a lot better and is more consistent ... more »

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I had the Giro Chronicle for the trails around town until a recent spill. The Giro did an amazing job of protecting my head. I picked up the TLD A2 and I am super impressed with it. I 100% think it is worth the money.

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I had a mtb crash just as the lockdown started. I had to find a dentist that was open to fix the three cracked teeth that I had. I was able to get the one pulled and a crown put on the other. I still have to go get another crown but I am not looking ... more »

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I put my vote in for the MX-Tech Lucky system. It is about the same weight as the air fork and provides an excellent front end feel.

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I was diagnosed with it this winter but it hasn't affected me in any way. As soon as the temps are above 40 it disappears.

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I'm not disagreeing with you that Dubya will give you a better product but all aftermarket hubs are heavier than stock besides maybe the carbon talon ones. You upgrade wheels for strength not weight savings.

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I strongly recommend the bar mounts from Luxon. They fixed the issue of the stock mounts where the bolt that mounts the bar mounts to the clamp can shear off.

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Was there any data supplied by Arai to back up their philosophy or display why they're not trusting/involved with rotational management systems?

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I currently live in Statesville and have lived in High Point, Winston Salem, and Greensboro. Coming from PA I would say it is a ton better than your area. If I was picking out of the places you mentioned I would say WS is your best bet. It is growing ... more »

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And your point is? They have never claimed that it is a world record or havent said that they used pacers. It is still an amazing feat. Have you ever tried running at 13 mph? Let alone do it for 26 miles.

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Faster USA just released a new wheel line or they can lace up a new rim and spokes to your current hub for a good price.

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I had a YZ supermini built back in the day. We used the stock hubs and used excel rims. The swingarm you have to get through Yamaha. We had a 112cc motor built by Tom Morgan. That motor was the best running bike I ever had. Tom is the man when it comes ... more »

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I rode this weekend with some updated settings: 50/50 Pump Gas/C12 MJ 490 PJ 32.5 AS 2.0 turns out Needle jet S4 Needle 42-75 on the 3rd clip Slide 5.50 PV 1.5 turns in from all the way out Fuel mix 60:1 with motorex oil She ran get and is no longer ... more »

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Okay. Do you think you would have to change the needle at all to go along with the slide change?