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Some awesome shots their mate, especially shooting through the trees

Added reply in a thread What happened to Pro Circuit this weekend? 5/30/2017 12:21 PM

Probably pc trying to race dated engines

Added reply in a thread Forkner track cut VS Tomac track follow 5/30/2017 12:17 PM

Is their any links to this?

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Thanks guys much appreciated, at the moment im 235 pounds and 185cm so i carry quite a bit of fat but also quite a bit of muscle but aiming to get down to 195 pounds, i havent started riding yet but i want to get as fit as i can before is start

Started new thread Moto diet plan 5/29/2017 2:24 PM

Hi all after looking around on the internet for a basic diet plan I can't find any. I know that a dedicated diet plans is made for you specifically but i was just looking for a average one to follow, if anyone has a link to a one that would be great! ... more »

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for me it was colt nichols and christian craig until he had a crash. I knew ferrandis would do well because of how aggressive he is

Added reply in a thread French crowd... 5/29/2017 10:27 AM

yes,their and maybe maggiora. I was at ernee at the mxon and the atmosphere was unreal, best ive been to by far!

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Yeah they will ,paulin, musquin, ferrandis stamp it

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Lets not forget everts riding round the outside of stewart on the pegs in 06 mxdn. Carmichael yes goat, more stylish and smoother rider everts all day long

Started new thread Any news on JS7 5/15/2017 1:25 PM

It seems like this bloke has dropped off the face of the earth,anyone know anything about him. Is he racing the outdoors, is he done and thats it? I noticed hes deleted some instagram posts as well so the last one now is the 7th of january. Would be ... more »

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To be fair a lot of new bikes you are supposed to let it idle until its hot then let it cool then do the same but with 1/4 throtte and ride it up and down for 20 mins. I think the 2016 kx450f you have to do it 4 times to wear it in

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Bike looks sick! As well as the carbon parts, made down the road from me.

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I think simpson will cause and upset this week, hes so fast in the sand

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Ken roczen is in as well

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i totally understand what you guys are saying and im not slating all the tracks off, i mean yes Argentina is an awesome track but its the likes of Qatar, Indonesia,Switzerland (which already has some great tracks), holland (assen is a very poor choice) ... more »

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After seeing todays track and last years track choices it seems that the youthstream circus just keeps on turning. Some of These tracks are a disgrace to motocross just some fresh dirt thrown around in a paddock without proper planning no drainage etc ... more »

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Ferrandis is one of those guys who doesnt take any messing and thats why i like him. It was always good watching him battle with herlings and give him a well needed nudge now and then

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Someone please come up with the goods of a dailymotion link

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Anyone got any dailymotion links for tonight?

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Rubbing is racing its not like he t boned him off the track just took his line away