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On my 21 300 XC TPI dialing the power valve out, or running the red spring made it so lean it wasn’t very rideable. I ended up having to go to a head and ECU update from TSP, and recently tried the Dicks OEM head cut for raised ports/cylinder. Both configurations ... more »

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Not much but it depends on what you need it for I guess. I think it was only .6g more? They probably have a bigger one now as the OEM FX tank was larger than theirs at the time, if memory serves me.

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Interesting set up. Looks great. For what it costs to get one of these things built at this point this is a great price.

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I actually just did this, moving suspension for my 18 TC 250 to a 21 300 TPI. I put the 18 forks at the second line, like I had them on the old bike, set the shock sag and rode it. I expected it to be pretty tall in the front, but actually the bike feels ... more »

Reply to White Husqvarna frame guards? 3/1/2020 1:50 PM

TUF Racing used to have them but their service isn’t great. Last time I ordered it took months.

Reply to WTB FMF factory fatty or PC works pipe 2018 TC250 250SX 10/22/2019 9:32 AM

😮 what brand?

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I believe they mount different at the bottom of the frame, unfortunately.

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Last bump. Pegs, chain guide and clutch fit on a ton of year YZF's.

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Or best offer if anyone is interested in Northern CA.

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Dirt Tricks iron man chromatic 49T rear sprocket (used on 2019 fits multiple years) - $85

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Haha that would probably be a good detail. Thanks for the catch.

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I couldn’t disagree more, but to each their own. I race A Vet off-road in Northern California and these bars are game changers when it comes to some of our three hour long scrambles. For me it felt like a good revalve over small bumps when I first put ... more »

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Like Slipdog said, Elasticon works great as a preventative measure or if you have a blister that hasn’t torn open. I just hated how sticky and dirty my hands were after peeling them off and the stuff has to be scrubbed off with a scrub pad. My recommendation ... more »

Reply to Yamaha YZ 250f 2019 - Lemon bikes?? 6/14/2019 10:25 PM

Nearly 40 hours on mine and I’ve had 0 issues that weren’t self inflicted (broken spoke, broken chain guide tab, etc). Race mine off road and it chugs, get muddy, gets sand in the air box, and more, and it hasn’t skipped a beat. Valves haven’t moved ... more »

Reply to Pics of your harescramble bikes 5/13/2019 8:51 AM

2019 YZ250F with some off road bits. Really fun so far but little short on gearing for really fast stuff.

... more »
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I found the Instincts to be a great boot and good compromise. I’d say they’re actually more comfortable than the sg12’s, have a ton of ankle protection, feel lighter while riding (sg12’s will tire you out on turn tracks) and have more articulation than ... more »

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