Added reply in a thread Original James Bubba Stewart jersey from 1999 2/25/2020 11:14 AM Youd have to ship it to them for Authentication and they will grade it tell you if its real and then issue a COA. At that point what its worth is still what someone will pay they wont be able to really tell ... more »

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Matthes IS MX journalism. The guy is literally without argument the greatest MX journalist of all time. People just wanna hate him like everything else in this industry. I will admit since he has decided to start dipping into politics i dont listen as ... more »

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Im with you its by far the best part of the whole thing.

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Face it the prestige of the MxDN died years ago. If this was so Prestigious it would actually be televised. It would make a backpage of plain and simple noone cares except a few fans. The riders dont even want to ride anymore and most of the ... more »

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Yes, A good idea.

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1981 Yzinger! The original PW50. I bought my son his first one in 2005 and was cracking up how the only real difference was the color of the plastics. Still own both of them.

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I know its always been back wheel riding but the tracks werent nearly as difficult to ride. Its funny people find a way to talk shit about other people no matter what they say online because they suck in real life and its the only way they ever get to ... more »

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They need to stop catering the tracks to the top fastest 1000 people. Most of the people i know that have quit didn't quit due to upgrades etc they quit because the tracks just weren't fun anymore. Its gotten to the point if you cant ride the whole track ... more »

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Its "etched" Vinyl. When you cut it on a vinyl plotter and put it on glass it looks like its been etched into the glass. When you print to it you get the look like these stickers.

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Hell at my local track there is 2 associated drivers, 1 Tekno, 4 Agama drivers, 1 losi driver and a dude that is one of the main designers and testers for AKA tires..... Yeah its competitive as shit! lol. Im just pumped HB did as well as hey did. Im ... more »

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He washed the front end in a corner on the last lap or next to last lap. You could see it on TV in the background when they were showing reed and Tomac going at it but they didnt say anything about it.

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If you watch the airfare using Southwest, or Jetblue or Frontier if they fly out of NC you can probably catch airfare to Vegas for about $200-$225 or in your case 135 pounds. Which is a cheap flight in the states especially that far.

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I think its cool as shit. I wouldn't want to watch an entire series of it but a once off event each year is cool. Personally I wouldn't ever go to it cause there really wouldn't be a good seat but it makes for some awesome TV because the camera is always ... more »

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Its definate Bullshit he was drug tested 3 times the same day 2 tests actually were sent to WADA for testing and came back Clean. The 1 sample that NSAC had test came back positive.... Hmmm shady? Id say so Id imagine this gets overturned within 6 months ... more »

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Ryan Sipes Just a feeling I have

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Like I said he definately didnt show the Mike Alessi we are used to seeing ride. I didnt know he was hurt though I knew it was something just figured it was bike setup i expected him to run 10-15 over there with some better motos in between but outside ... more »

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Bad like really bad. Regardless of how people feel about the family we all know Mike can ride and his GP results didnt show that at all. Im sure just showing up over there and trying to basically guess a bike setup for each track played a pretty big ... more »

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Bell Passport radar detector cause they are hauling so much ass! Reality probably some piece of telemetry equipment

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Plexus plastic cleaner and polish I know will keep dirt and mud off the front number plate.

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So someone kinda fill me in here. Ive been thinking about a bigger bike for dirt jumping. I cant decide on a 24 or a 26 im actually leaning more towards the 26 and building something almost identical to this bike its a Deity Streetsweeper

If ... more »