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i think alot of the reason the gates are so empty is that its so hard to find an actual track to ride to get any practice on. unless you have somewhere you can make your own track or know people with a sx track theres no where that you can practice. ... more »

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86th with a 37.03, if you can hop out of the whoops and over that table top and not stuff up the rest your set, but out of 700 attempts ive managed to get over the table about 5 times

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I have a 2011 crf450 and it has pretty much the exact same thing, i realised it probably this time last year and didn't worry about it and check it every time i clean the bike and it hasn't changed. I'd take it to the shop and see what they can do but ... more »

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X2. I'm trying to think of a track that could potentially have it, i'm thinking possibly Wonthagi, they would have the facilities to support an event this large or maybe even Horsham or Barrabool? Would be awesome if true though!

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On the Australian riders going to race in Europe Joel Milesevic has his first race over there this weekend. I'm not sure exactly what series he is riding but i know he is riding for Diga racing on a 250F as apposed to the 2 stroke he was racing over ... more »

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so will meg be doing the other 6 rounds or is she going to do the U19s instead?

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From the Australian Mx Nationals Facebook page. MX Nationals Ben Townley, announced a short time ago at the final round of the NZ Championships at his home track Taupo that he would be hanging up is professional boots as of today, we wish Ben and his ... more »

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nah they didn't get the chance to race as Faith was over here just for sx and cachia decided to sit it out and be healthy for the AMA

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My best is two broken legs. Come up short on a double and frame cased and they both broke i didn't fall off the bike or anything until the corner when i realised my legs weren't feeling to flash. I did both of them the exact same through the growth plate

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i remember watching him race at our junior national over here back in 2009 battling with some of our local guys and now im watching him battle with the likes of Eli Tomac on my tv. and it's crazy to see how fast your riders progress compared to ours, ... more »

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i know its not the one you're talking about but you reminded me of this video from the us open in 09. crazy! (not sure how to embed sorry)

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i had a shoei for about a year and a half and after a few to many big hits bought a bell, i like them both but the shoei feels like it fits around your head a little better and i like how far down the cheek pads go. the bell feels a bit more open if ... more »

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i was lucky enough to be able to go yesterday and man, he made everyone else look silly! he looked like he was rolling around the track casually throwing whips and stuff, so good to watch! And he had quite a large lead but he caught up to some lappers ... more »

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i saw him at an event where there was both a motorcross and road race races at the same time and once the mx had finished dad and i went and had a look at the road bikes and we saw him riding around, we couldnt believe it and it took us a while to figure

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well done and i hope all goes well and you can get to where you want to be, but didnt you say the same thing at the start of this year?

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hold on... did you just say stewart hasnt got results to show for all his 'crashing'?

but i agree on the zac bell part, would love to see him finish a round! when he stops crashing he will be a massive threat!
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Golden. i still find this the best ad ive ever seen on ebay!

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anyone know when it is out in Australia!? I'm hanging to see it!

Added reply in a thread What is your worst low speed/unexpected crash? 8/9/2012 3:24 AM theres mine, skip to the last part of the video if you don't want to watch the whole race, come up short on the jump and broke both my ankles on impact over a pretty small jump

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looks the goods!

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