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Does anyone know what team Robert’s is racing for next year? Pretty cool to have 3 Americans in Moto 2 with Kelly coming to American Racing next year.

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Your not a freak. Everybody deals with it a little different and imho there’s nothing wrong with that. My wife lost her father on our way home from camping last Monday afternoon. They had a 40 minute FaceTime call until death. Her mom was going to go ... more »

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Crash.net is pretty good. Few others out there too.

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His demeanor in the interviews was quite strange. They way he was acting he surely had already signed with someone. He must’ve already known that he wasn’t going to be yamaha’s # 1 guy with Fabio moving over to the factory team this year. He didn’t even ... more »

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Condolences to his family. I enjoyed his post, he will be missed.

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He’s on a different Chassis then the other guys at the top. That chassis was good 3 years ago but, doesn’t seem to be up to par the last 2 years. Navarro and Canet are on the same chassis. Navarro can barely get top 10’s now.

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I priced it up last night. I think I could do it for 2500.00. Checked some of the VIP packages, pretty pricey.,

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He did one pro race. Made around 450.00, his hotel was about 400.00. The next week he joined the academy. He has been racing pro XC lately( I think that’s the class). He done 3 races finishing in the upper half of the class. He road bikes like crazy ... more »

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Neik Kimman is a beast! He’s been starting in gate 8 for a couple years now and usually smokes everyone to the corner. I don’t think it was a dick move by Mahieu, he was just going for it. He was 7/8 of the way past Connor when they hit. Connor had to ... more »

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Hugo Millan a 14year old racer died last weekend from injuries at a race at Aragon. Super sad deal. Can’t imagine what the parents are going through.

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Kimman was the favorite and got the gold. Hopefully Connor is okay.

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USA Bmx Instagram, click the link in there bio.

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Heard about this yesterday, tragic! I know it doesn’t matter but, I wish the details were better. You have to be incredibly unlucky to get hit in the chest with a mortar while in a Hot tub…….. RIP

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Just my opinion but, I don’t think Chauvin was guilty at all. Floyd had Speed and Fentanyl in his system. He was saying he couldn’t breathe before they even got him to the cop car. They tried to get him inside the car for 6 or 7 minutes with no luck. ... more »

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Jabroni, I thought Rossi said an all Italian team. How does Vinales fit there?

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It would be super surprising if an American was in MotoGP next year. If Joe had had a better half of a season, he might have been signed already(I’m a huge Joe fan).

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Gerloff isn’t going to bad. He went from 135.9 in FP1 to 133.7 in Q1. Hopefully with the warm-up he can get a little more speed and possibly score a point.

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How exciting is the KTM Tech 3 team going to be with RG87 and RF25? Those two are making every Moto2 a race for third for the rest of the class.

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Rossi is on a 2021 Factory bike, just like The factory squad. Morbedelli is on 2019 factory bike. Father Time is catching him and the young kids are just bringing it to another level.