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Sorry for your loss, dogs are the best.

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It’s 90.00 bucks for the first few rows. I bought mine off the Supercrossonline.com site which directs you to ticketmaster. I checked Stubhub and it was more expensive.

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I just picked 4 tickets up in the upper part of 238 on a isle for 213.00. Not to bad of a price.

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You sound like you’ll fit in just fine around here.

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Sorry man!

Reply to Sunrise mx park might be coming back? 12/7/2019 7:08 PM

Banner Air. My name is Jon Gerber.

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We worked for the same company back in the late 80’s. Jeff Barbacovi worked there too. Good times going to LACR back then, loved watching the races.

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Is his first name Merle?

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Freaking awesome! American legend!

Reply to 2019 MXoN - Practice/Qualifying Discussion 9/28/2019 8:03 AM

Third I think. Broadcast cut out on me with 2 minutes to go.

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Does that mean he’s retiring? If so that sucks.

New thread 2006 450x 8/24/2019 8:02 AM

Taking off my street wheels and putting on my dirt wheels. Was wondering what gear ratio I should use. Looks like stock is a 13-51, bike has a R cam in it. Any recommendations? Heading to Hollister Hills next weekend.

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Do you think the cop that had his funeral today had his gun at the he time of the incident? Probably not. My son is also in law enforcement and usually carries off duty. I’m cool with it and I think it’s smart. I guess everyone has their own opinion. ... more »

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So sorry for your loss. Hang in there Gharmon, we are here for you.

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Ok Maverick, what does that mean?

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Get over it! We understand your not happy with Phil but going on and on about it makes you look foolish. We got your point.

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ML didn’t you say on pulp that they were doing a couple days of testing to try and find a little more HP? Bummer deal, this sport is tough.

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Watch the post race conference from two weeks ago. He says he wold go if asked. 2,16,92 that seems like a pretty good team.

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Cool video! I lived there for about 10 months around 30 years ago, never really noticed the earthquakes. Worked on the hospital and learned to love along with hate the desert. My wife’s parents have been here in simi for 40+years. I’ve been here for ... more »