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Be nice to see him here full time.

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It is a forum, Why does it matter that people bitch all the time and complain? You should be used to it by

Maybe you need to bring some more people in to help you out, so you can bring us more great reporting and content to the site. I ... more »
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Not a bet. No other team out there had two number 1 guys. What did you want fisher to do, fire Villo? Mike Fisher did like every other contending title team did. He hired a tier 1 guy and a tier 2 guy. That seems like a pretty good reason why he didn't ... more »

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X2.Super nice guy. Hey Jefro, do you think they will run east or west or both?

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The excitement the night before you ride. The decision while looking at the mountain range from the desert floor. The stories with your buddies after the ride.

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Roczen Villo Wilson Dungey Bagget Carroli Rattay Desalle Musquin Reed Herlings Froosard Tomac Barb Barcia Stewart Bogle Metty Cunningham or Searle Canard

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Exactly! The first two motos were slick and snotty, no way our guys were going to take chances in those motos they just needed to finish with a good result. The third moto RV&RD knew what they had to do and they did it. Great job team USA. IMHO. ... more »

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I think I saw a white flag in his back

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F**k Wont let me log in.

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Had this conversation with my son and his friend yesterday.They said she was a bodybuilder ehhhh and mercedes was way hotter. I agree that mercedes is hot but, DD and her next door nice girl look does it for me every time. P.S. Sondy you seem like a ... more »

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He rode the 450 at MXDN before hasn't he? If I remember correctly he did well. Paulin is a pretty big boy, if it was my choice I would pick Musquin because he is starting to come around and he still has a couple of weeks to get even better.This is not ... more »

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My wife caught reeds hat at Anaheim a few years back. Her reaction was classic, she looked like a teenager in the front row of a Beetles concert. It was hilarious and the hat was pretty cool to.

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Your joining the" what if" club to? I thought you were better than

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Can you turn them just a little bit so we can see the

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Why Does Nerd even bother posting here? The title of this article should be " The same shit you already know". Where is the guy he was arguing with last week? He is a lot better at arguing than giving us new information.

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Was Burger King one of the title sponsors at the

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GuyB, Does that make three broken legs and one broken arm in three and half years? This sport can be brutal. Get well soon trey.

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Great story. Thanks. Rex works at the company I work at, or he used to. Would like to meet him and hear some stories.