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So this means the MXDN is back like it was before? Our guys are going to have a 5-7 weeks off of MX before the race?

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I had it for about 8 years. Every time I would move my head up to look at something, I would blackout and lose my Balence. Tried physical therapy for a while without much success. They would do the eply maneuver and I would pretty much feel worse afterward. ... more »

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IMHO you can’t have a 450 guy race the 250 unless that rider gets to do at least one national racing the 250. I’m a huge Craig fan but, it’s hard to believe that he’s faster than Cooper on the 250.

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Any chance Joe has dual citizenship?

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That made me chuckle and is also a great plan. Maybe wear a TuTu.😂😂

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We were cheering you on by the old Fly 150 jump. You were styling up over that jump each lap. Pretty cool to see a fellow Vitard out there.

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Can’t wait! I’m flying to Sacramento race day morning.Love going to Hangtown. Sunday we are either fishing in Monterey or going for a street bike ride. Airfare and overnight parking at Burbank was pretty fair considering the gas prices, 150 bucks.

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Crazy times right now. Suzuki leaving, Yamaha and RNF may be splitting too. It sounds like Aprilla wants a Satellite team and may be taking Suzuki’s spot on the grid. What about RNF? What bikes will they run? Surely Rins and Mir will find spots but what ... more »

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Went to a free dinner at Mastro’s ocean club downtown on Tuesday. Put a 100 bucks in at shell on the way out. 14.1 gallons is all I got, 6.99 a gallon. Left 80 bucks for a tip and it was 20 for parking. Free dinner cost me 200.😂😂😂😂. The gas prices are ... more »

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Good job! 1,4,11 is not a bad 1/2 season….. congrats Stemme12 too! Not a good season for me, only scored 3935😂😂😂

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Not his yet, Enea is up for that seat too and has 2 wins this year. Martin is a huge talent but I would put 23 on that team.

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It seems like very few can come to that conclusion. The traffic radio guy I listen to for my commute for work got the latest Covid last week. He tells everyone he has gotten the vaccine and 3 boosters and still contracted it. Then when he was diagnosed ... more »

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RIP Scottie. Glad your pain is gone, can’t imagine what you were going through. You will be missed!

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Only got 6 of 8 in 😂😂😂. I also had Kelley, rough week! Congrats Hendo!

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I was 14 when we went in 1983. There were shuttle busses out of the valley to the event. A little different times back then, I walked on the bus with two cases of beer. The amount of people there was insane and so was the heat. Great memories!

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Nice bag!

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Very nice!

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Merry Christmas!