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Maybe they should just put another straight after the start corner... then because the next corner might get some sort of pile up they should add another straight after that.... Seriously there is no way to make a track different week in and week out ... more »

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What is so cool about that?

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Canard RV Dungey

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That race sucked... Thanks Reed. I will put some blame on Grant too.

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No kidding! Next week....

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Knew he wasnt going to run up front and wanted a little roost protection

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I noticed that too just looking through the pics. Wonder why?

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I agree. What they did with the site IMO is retarded. Why take away the forum? The forum is what brought most of the traffic.

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Being from Utah and all... that would be awesome!

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Awesome! They deliver!

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Thanks for posting

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You obviously havent heard where RV said he plans to end his career at Kawi. I doubt CR actually plans to sign him because in 3 years (or whenever RV's contract is up) there will be some other rider that will be beating RV he would rather sign CR is ... more »

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Sweet Vid. Those guys are insane!

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AWESOME! The RD scrub was freakn rad!

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Who knows but Dungey might want his old bike back after Hangtown