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450: 1. Baggett 2. Musquin 3. Anderson 250: 1. Osborne 2. J Martin 3. Savatgy

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I don't dislike Baggett by any means but to be throwing jabs like that after just 1 race where he has straight up beat Tomac on a 450 is pretty ridiculous. Especially when it was clear as day that Tomac wasn't riding like we know he can.

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Ding! I watched all 4 moto's Saturday night.

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According to RC you make your own luck......

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Somebody must need a little more padding in their pocket...cough cough john cough. What a F-n joke!

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I did. It was awesome!

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I don't always get to listen to the pulpmx show. So he has been riding with this stuff going on for awhile?

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Caught the last part of the 450 qualifying session and Jim (and that other guy) said something about him having multiple wrist injuries. Anybody know what that's all about and how he could possibly qualify so well with those issues?

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Got mine, thanks!

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If you are registered in your state you wouldn't have an issue whatsoever. My Dads bike is registered in Idaho and they have never given us any long as its current. I have been to going Caineville for the past 25 years and before they closed ... more »

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Yes and yes. Tomac only needed to finish in the top 5 or something to win the title after Roczen failed to make the main but the whoops absolutely ate him alive. He got passed in them every time around. It was hard to watch that one being a big Tomac ... more »

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I thought it was round 4...when he started to win

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Night and day difference than the first 3 races of the year when he couldn't hit the inside line to save his life

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I would like to think we are seeing a different Tomac. I think he is managing his races better by maintaining a gap where before he wasn't backing down after getting a comfortable leed.

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I also like how he also said that Marv and Tomac don't have a championship under their belt......

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Why would he move when the team he is on is a factory team?

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Jump for show, corner for dough

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This video has no sound for me. Anyone else?

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You are forgetting that's it's a home race for Dungey