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Savatgy got his goggles back

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It is always archived, usually the Saturday after the live show. I listen through the podcast app on my iPhone.

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Exact same situation. It’s a bummer. I wish it would pause and rewind

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I was wondering the same thing

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When you open up the Gold app it says it’s moved to the NBC Sports app. I downloaded the app and got a code to activate it but the screen on my TV won’t change after I entered the code from my phone. Anyone else having this issue? Edit: apparently the ... more »

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It’s going to be Daniel Blair

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Punctuation bro!

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It was during one of the the “Science of Supercross” segments.

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What’s the secret? Everytime I try to go to RacerX using an iphone I get nothing.

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I know I love listening to him on the pulp show

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Pretty sad considering up to this event everyone was saying “we (USA) are sending our best riders”

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Sold for $30,100

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No clue, but It’s a good thing they let Nicoletti go...

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A podcast dropped this week where Jason Thomas talked about this. He basically said it’s the same helmet (with a redesigned chin guard) that they are able to sell cheaper. It’s the Steve Matthew Show “2019 Fly Racing gear pod”.

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I can only hope so

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It’s because they’re just more excited about the KX450

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Ding ding ding, we have a winner

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Rv did it but he was already behind in the points chase.