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there is one major difference! look where they are on the track, dungey had nowhere to go that said i don't mind a well timed takeout which is what i reckon that was.. a block pass to me is body to body or peg to peg a takeout is rear wheel to front ... more »

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well you can look at it like the argument that guns don't kill people, people do if you feel the jump isn't safe don't jump it, of course i'm saying that when i have no pressure to win but like regis said risk vs reward but it really sucks that those ... more »

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just a reminder Ferris is a full privateer! I'm pretty sure his bikes may as well be stock maybe some suspension work but far from factory he lost the 2nd race by 0.004 of a second

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ha ha my point exactly

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who would win in a fight between a great white and a grizzly bear?

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i'm not huge on freestyle but those turn down whips and the kiss of death flip things are bullshit! they look so good oh and those underflip things are pretty cool too

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i love how the marshall is trying to stop him and he's like nah it's cool i'm goin then gets outta there like it's no ones business funny stuff

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well yeah it'd be awesome! but the only thing is the des nations aren't in the states every year.. but i've already had a few chats with the boys about going over for the gp and a national so if it could get worked out that the riders would be more likely ... more »

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far out scottie that's intense i think i was lucky that i was knocked out and don't remember a thing i can't imagine going through the thoughts you did (not entirely sure that makes sense but you know what i mean) and pretty glad i didn't have to, to ... more »

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There's only two things I can't stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures... and the Dutch. generalizing an entire country, good job... every country has tools and fuckwits and every country has people you love to be around ... more »

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the KX60 is still one of the most intimidating bikes i've ever ridden

Started new thread I'm not normally big on freestyle but 4/10/2010 6:12 AM

I can see myself enjoying this show, plus the girls are awesome............... but they scare the shit out of me

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man sorry to read this! if he or the family ever need to speak to someone that's been through close to what they are don't hesitate to let me know. I realize they are busy right now but if they do it's the least i can do ... more »

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rupert is this the trip that you wrote a story on and it was in a racerx? either way that story was very funny!

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you guys ever notice jamie little is a closetalker? not that i'd complain mind you

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two top tens! better than i was expecting if i'm honest i'm pretty stoked i'm not expected to go 35+2 on that track... so hardcore... that's motocross to me

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the CLINT butt patch made me look twice

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it'd have less of a guy that grew up poor and knows how hard it is, drive two $400+thousand cars through the ghetto! i'm not saying he doesn't give or even that he should but that was kinda weird for me. i've seen enough shows that show rich guys doing ... more »

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anyone have the open overall? man so stoked for Ferris, riding so good!

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Glen Helen is a great event for spectators, and losing it sucks. But there is no villain in this. I am 1000% sure that DC would prefer GH purely from the entertainment perspective. They ditched GH because of a standoff in terms, not to set up some other ... more »