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andymoto 12/16/2016 7:06 PM

Hi Jeff- Do you know an old pal of mine, Jerry Wright #716 on a new(er) 450 KX? He lives in your area and is 40 something. Just wondered since he lived by me for many yrs. Merry Christmas and HNY pal Andy

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Drakep2 7/22/2015 9:59 AM

You have to tell me where you got your logo drawing from!!

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toddmc 7/13/2015 11:29 AM

Hey Jeff, I just talked to someone whom is at the tracks every week, wants to stay anynomous. Absolutely does not agree with outcome nor do I, but he told me for the last couple of years Nick has trying to cause issues with atleast 3 different riders that he cannot beat. Started a fight with the Martins, Berguronds( not sure on spelling) and Taylors. He told me people were leaving the class because they didnt want to race against Nick. He also told me this has been happening at all the tracks practice or race. Does not change the fact that Tony a good guy did not deserve this. But Nick need to be put in check either through management or suspension. Hopefully this only goes to you as I am posting on your personal page. I too do not want to get involved but I encourage you to do some homework and get all the facts.
Thx Todd

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Osaka627 5/18/2015 7:39 PM

Am I who I thought I am? Lol. Hopefully Cody's Dad didn't have too many bad things to say about me. I believe he was riding 80's and training with J Whip last time I saw him. He's probably pretty old by now.

0 0 0 1/7/2015 4:25 AM

Hi Jeff!
Who made that great avatar for you?
Or did you draw it yourself?

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308 10/16/2014 6:40 AM

Hey, Jeffro. Reporting on my first observatory experience.

It was definitely interesting but the telescope at the Drake observatory is over 100 years old so it's pretty much nothing compared to what you'd see at a modern Observatory.

We started off with an hour lecture on "The women of astronomy" and there impact on what we know about astronomy today. Aparently they were like computers before we had computers.
The dude giving the lecture was no Carl Sagan but he knew his shit.

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty sure my lady was bored out of her skull up until we got to look through the telescopes. They had two smaller telescopes on the roof and the one big one in the main room of the observatory.
We had clear skys and minimal light pollution so I guess we picked a good night. Unfortunately we just got to look at a few stars through the telescopes, which was kind of a bummer because they still look like tiny dots even with a huge a telescope. I'll probably go again in a few weeks when they look at the planets. Can't beat a free nigth at an observatory. Looking forward to trying it out again.

Have a good one dude.

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Mickolobe7 7/8/2014 8:51 PM

Jeff did you have a lower linkage arm on your 08 CRF 450

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loftyair 6/7/2014 10:33 AM

We will be riding albany on wednesday coming up. Will you might be there?

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Kessie 11/9/2012 11:30 PM

Hey there, thanx for your comment. I do appreciate how sensible and pleasant u were being. Please recognize that I believe I am a sweet woman. Gettin called a Hooker, when on 1 day I wore a Sundress and almost all the other days jeans, was initially quite shockin to me. All my friends are men, so to have strangers (men) call me names and insult me, when they don't even know me made me defensive. I believe that reaction was reasonable and understandable. I realize this is a Moto X site which is why I was completely horrified that this thread was started for the Sole purpose of callin me the 'Track Hooker' and insulting me. I only posted, in order to defend my Honor, and at least try to give another perspective, not Chest pounding like a Gorilla! How can I not take it personally when this whole thread was discusiions about me and false accusations and criticisms. Please understand, it was never my intention to be on this website.

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Kessie 11/9/2012 7:43 PM

I have a Pilot friend who knew Leroy. I've been Acrobatic flying too. Hey, cut me some slack. I quit postin to those narrow minded idiots 2 days ago. As I've said before, nothing about me is now, or ever was for Sale.

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justin.homan.75 10/15/2012 8:41 PM

Thanks, I likely will recognize you. The only person I've had actually contact with and words with Joey Mancuso. He didn't know who I was and dilberately took me off the track, I guess cause I was pacing him. I havent raced in over 10 years at the time, so I know better than to play with guys at similar speed, duh. His move was so blantant...take you wide on a flat corner while looking at you and stahling.... and I was like what was that, I re entered the track caught him in in about 3-4 corners and went inside more than he went inside. He knew I was coming as the inside was a line no one was taking there. He went down, I didn't. Actually, got lifted and thrown right on his back. I just sat there as he flipped out screaming and cussing at me. " lets go to the parking lot" Then he realized who I was. I use to be someone that always rooted him on 15 years early in the mini class. him and tyler Fick. He then went "what up??? respect." I said ok, what up respect what was that four turns ago. I just gave you back what you tried to do to me. He went back to his bike and rode did I. I miss racing for and riding with others on the track. Practice days are great too. Silly enough this year my nephew got into almost the same deal with the little brother Mancuso. Seems like racing has changed since what I remember, some locals think there big time with no idea of what it takes to be competitive on the AMA level. FMX is great, just miss dueling and I'm realizing the drama is kinda entertaining. See you out there.

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Dirtbike375 12/19/2011 11:56 AM

this is really late like 4 years late but i know jt blattman if u still want his number

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Jarid332 7/7/2011 9:37 PM
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dc75 5/8/2011 8:24 PM

Hey Jeff, I saw your post about Hansen doing something to Tickle on the practice track. I didn't hear about it. What did he do? ~Dave

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PC 8/25/2010 12:17 PM

Good meeting you too Jeff. I'll be riding Gifford this Sunday, but will certainly be back at Mt View soon. Good times, for sure!

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AJ ASSKICKER 8/12/2010 10:34 PM

After roosting today I sat down on the couch and couldnt muster the energy to get back up untill almost 8:00

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careyn 8/9/2010 6:06 PM

Hey! Yeah that would be sweet! HAHA i couldnt be off my bike for at least a month before wanting to get back out there.. Have fun with your new bike, im sure your stoked!

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