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Shelby , what track is that? Cook vid btw!

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It's the off season , so what the hell? I came across this tonight , and what struck me was the cbdMD logo all over the place. But since I'm a huge Ken Block fan , and huge fan of Tyron and Jorge.......thought maybe you guy's might like this video as ... more »

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I honestly think James' looks pretty damn cool. I think that's what you meant as well. Look at his , and then look at AC's....haha. James autograph just looks cool as hell. AC's??.....hmm? haha.

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I gotta say Harv.....that sounds pretty damn badass! 2500 miles and 11 nights of camping.......that's a hell of a ride / trip! Be careful dude!

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Some times , some of us have no choice. Been plenty of times when I've headed to the track , but all my riding buddies had other things going on. BUT......98% of the time , I'm not really " alone " I know a bunch of other people at the track ... more »

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Looks like he screwed up Faroto's ( spelling? ) race as well. That Guadagnini will be a threat for sure in EMX 250 and the regular MX2 class when he moves up. Very fast kid!

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Heck yeah Justin! Awesome job!

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I can only give input on the Airbrakes , but they are most definitely a great set of goggles.My first set was given to me by a sponsored rider ( new ) just for letting him go do some laps on my 125. I held off buying a set for a long time until I found ... more »

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Really cool to hear that about Jordan! Always dug the band strung out. Quick question : Who are the 5 dweeb's that down voted this? Seriously , anyone who know how to do that trick on how to find out......bring these 5 fools out in public! Thanks for ... more »

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I work on remodels for a living , and I gotta say that is pretty dang cool! Please post more pics when you get a chance.

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Thank you Mav!!

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Damn man , Boom I'm sorry to hear that. This past decade has stolen a few of my long time friends. Some to sickness , but other's to different things. God speed to your buddy Boom.

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Is there a way to get the results from all the classes? Anyone know where that may be?

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Did Joe get clicked again? Can I ask what for? It's hard to tell when lines get crossed , when all the threads get deleted. There is no way to even stick up for yourself , nor can anyone else stand up for you. I have no idea what was said , in what thread ... more »

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Samantha is definitely a baddass chick and musician. Until you brought her up in the forum a month or two ago , I had never heard of her. Since then I've listened to quite a few of her songs. Very talented indeed!

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Late to the party here , but welcome aboard David. Looking forward to your column , bike tests and so forth too. I was bummed to hear you left RacerX , but it looks we might get some of that stuff here now. Hopefully you keep it light and some what fun ... more »

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No worries man. HB is truly a good guy. Over the years you can get the feel / vibe of a person , and believe me he's one of the good ones. Maybe not everyone agrees with what he says , ( I know mostly do , but sometimes not ) .

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What's with you insulting the guy with basically every post you make about him? Hint : a person's user name doesn't usually project the type of person they are. HB has been on the forums for many , many years .....way before vital. Maybe cut him some ... more »

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HB , I myself have less then 1 bar reception where I'm at. Fishing / crabbing on a jetty with an easy 10' swells. I got drenched today and also a little scared on how vicious this ocean can be. I made it down here and dropped my 3 traps off the jetty ... more »

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Right on DC!! Definitely sounds like he's trying to make some great changes.