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Pretty much the same look I have while riding...

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Haha...wait that’s not funny.

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I started with the Scott over the glasses rout, then pro-vue, and finally goggle Rx. That was 30 years ago. Pto Vue is a good product, goggle rx is better. The inserts that Rx uses is sturdier, and re-useable. And if you change goggle type you’ll get ... more »

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Franklin gets another vote. He’s fixed a number if my broken moto buddies. I’m an anesthesiologist and work with him frequently. We see quite a few “pro” moto, Bmx, and MTB riders.

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No but depending on the severity of his asthma he could be on steroid (not anabolic) which can result in a depressed immune system. “I’m a doctor and I’m here to help.”

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Been buying his inserts for year. Randy is awesome. Great customer service.

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The woman laughing made the whole video.

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Garmin inReach all the way. I’ve had sat phones. They’re a PITA.

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I fuckin hate ethanol. The science works. Simple organic extraction using the hydrophilic (likes water) property of ethanol and the hydrophobic property (doesn’t like water) of gasoline.

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Thanks for this ping. Lots of good history and stories in this podcast.

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That’s cool!

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Great comments here. I agree that Tim with Baja Bound is the way to go. I’ve raced SCORE, the NORRA rally, and taken a week ripping good trails down to Cabo with friends and family. I’d suggest first renting and riding with Tim on a tour. This is a low ... more »

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Email sent. I recieved a nice response from planning office and will be added to mailing list. She promised updates.

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Both my girls started on Ossets and eventually “graduated” to a gas bike. I can make some observations of the process with some certainty. 1. The lack of noise made the learning more palatable to the kids and the wife. 2. The lack of maintenance made ... more »

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If you’ve felt with the 50cc bikes from KTM then an electric option is welcomed!

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Where’s the GP in Argentina going to be? I’ve been to Buenos Aires and surrounding areas a few times. It’s inexpensive for the dollar, the food is fantastic, and the ladies beautiful.

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Check the Trump flags! Haha.

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Right on! Thanks for taking the time to put that together. I’m not bitching here at all...but since i started riding (20 plus years) I’ve been loadin up and driving for 1-2 hours one way to ride. I can’t imagine if I had a track that close.

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So heading SE on Santiago Canyon after the 241/261 exchange there’s the dump entrance then a mile from that the lake entrance. Anybody have any maps or photos? I look for evidence everytime I pass.